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  1. @Standrews...I am sure they would gladly accept your tax deductible donation to cover the expenses so that they can be where YOU want them to be. Dan
  2. Shorter trip...more corps. I probably would go north too if it were me. Dan
  3. I really don't think many people in the north east understand the financial burden it is for a drum corps from outside that area to compete on a weekly or even monthly basis. There was a grand total of 1 DCA contest down here in the south this year. That would be our home show on the 27th of this month. We are sure to lose our shirt on this event with only two corps competing but we must have that event in order to insure that Southern Knights and CV get one final seeding number going into finals week. We can not expect the paying public to shell out the normal ticket price just to see two corps so we are having to cut our admission price in half. So, what is a tremendous fundraising opportunity for most drum corps becomes a liability for us...that being hosting a show. Even our show would be a tremendous burden on Gold as it is still an 8 hour drive for them. We spend about $25,000 every time we travel up north to compete. That is a huge financial drain on any organization. Not complaining, just stating a fact. All of us down here have to make decisions based on financial stability and viability on a daily basis and often those decisions mean that our drum corps doesn't get the exposure we would like. Yes, I understand that every organization has to make tough decisions, but add to those day to day burdens a travel budget that is increasingly exorbitant and it becomes very clear that something has to give. CV is fortunate that at least we have a couple of DCI events that we can attend locally but Gold doesn't have that available to them. Hence, they may fly under the radar for a while. We will all be together shortly and none of this will matter as we will do what this circuit is all about and that is meet on the field in the spirit of competition and give it everything we have. Looking forward to seeing all my friends with Gold as well as those from all the other corps. I have nothing but respect for ANYONE that has the hairbrained idea of trying to run a drum corps in today's challenging environment. Best of luck to everyone and I can't wait to see you all. Dan
  4. Don't you DARE even mention the possibility! Dan
  5. Not to be Debbie Downer here but everyone needs to keep in mind that these are just numbers...and early numbers at that. The only numbers that are going to matter are those earned by the last weekend before championships. Those will determine the performance order for prelims. Everything else is just a means to an end. For our part, Atlanta CV will not be getting another number until August 27th so I'm sure we will be in about 12th spot on this list by then. Relevant...? Dan
  6. The event has been cancelled due to concern by the University as to the grass field conditions after being totally saturated by heavy rain over the last few days.
  7. This Saturday at 7pm at the University of West Georgia Atlanta CV and Spirit of Atlanta will hold a joint preview show. Come out and see us!
  8. Folks, you don't KNOW that there won't be any sort of refund so let's not assume the worst. No sense making an already difficult situation for all involved worse by making speculations. Dan
  9. If there are any current DCA drum majors on here, be sure to read the announcement on the DCA Friends and Family facebook page regarding the "Flapper's Feast". https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204823733/?multi_permalinks=10155235534563734&notif_t=like&notif_id=1491845834150288 On Friday night we are going to throw a fun get together for all the drum majors and field conductors from all the DCA corps (Class A, Open Class, Seniors and Minis). Just an opportunity to get to know everyone, share a good meal and lots of stories. Be sure to leave your name, corps and whether you think you can attend. Yes, I know it's during I&E but it is literally the only plausible time to do it. I will be putting together a contact list for everyone and then we can start planning the specifics. Can't wait to see everyone! This is going to be fun. Dan
  10. Direct link to the high def version of the video reveal in case anyone wants it. Don't know why it starts partway through...weird. Just rewind to start from the beginning. Dan