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  1. Great Cab Corps! Marched way better tonight. Way better show tonight.
  2. guard costume change from white to black is dramatic as the drums take focus. black flag with silver lame' is awesome with saber.
  3. nice use of the white arm in coordination with the white guard outfits for the WHITE production.
  4. lost me at the prop transition and a few transitions like bringing the boxes off the field. now everyone is back in and it is rocking.
  5. some great aesthetics. most of their moments are so well orchestrated, that when they miss a moment then it is noticed. advanced level content and continuity.
  6. Fusion is amazing. I think they are missing just a few of the musical nuance details that take them to the next level.
  7. full package with CV is a step above and in a different neighborhood. lower body and interval control is trained well, on top of good design.