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  1. What's the most common phrase heard from a Ohio State graduate? Would you like fries with that... Indiana, our Indiana, Indiana we're all for you. IU!! (With a small Go Blue on the side...)
  2. Unless you consider his treatment of his ex wife and his "incestuous" relationship with his cousin are considered to be just as much of his legacy as relativity, space time, and peace activism. No historical discussion is complete without them to describe how his clock ticked. More relevance to the EOTB creators.
  3. That said, even though not a fan of BD's 2012 program, after watching some of the complexity of the drill and the nuance of their brass, I would be at best petty if I didn't include them in the top 3 conversation.
  4. I actually, I think BD captured the absolute motif of dada perfectly - "I'm so much smarter than you are that I could put a pile of crap in front of you and you'll love me for it." Coincidentally, dada imploded because they took this notion to the extreme to the point that they snobbed themselves away from having an audience. The difference between 2012 and 2013, IMO? Despite having just as much of an avant garde flavor, 2013 seemed far more audience-inclusive. The avant is punctuated by the accessible. 2012 did not have that effect.
  5. Actually, science isn't proving him wrong, simply that his theories don't translate to the subatomic level. No one has been able to disprove him. As far as the content of the show, Also Sprach is critical. Zarathustra taught essentially that man moves in cycles of revelation in a path to further enlightenment. When that enlightenment is reached, the next revelation presents itself. Neitzche took that thought and ran with it. The show describes how Einstein was able to make sense of apparent disorder. The park bench takes this order and implies there is yet a further revelation, impossible you say? As difficult to digest as it might seem, the narration is critical to the development.
  6. I know International Class has seen a little bit of action over the past few years; but, what is DCI's actual presence in Europe and Asia? I know the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands do have a respectable corps presence; but little of that seems to translate into the 2nd week in August, presumably due to the cost of transport and travel to the US. However, would a larger DCI presence overseas create increased interest and funding to make more trips possible? Since consensus will probably never exist about the next direction to draw new audiences, perhaps the next ready-made niche already exists and is simply untapped. It is always more desireable to tap an existing market than it is to fabricate a new one. It is easier to sell to existing customers than create new ones.
  7. Sorry to rain on your parade, but hockey and soccer set me back a good 5 grand a season. Scholastic programs were free, but to be competitive to MAKE the scholastic team required a season long commitment of play at beaucoup bucks in other leagues outside of the scholastic season. Don't like it? Don't play. To participate at a competetive level,one had to accept those terms unconditionally. Talk about no control whatsoever. Teams were set up by geography and left no room whatsoever to try "free agency." I think this scenario fits your challenge. I suspect, with today's fiscal climate, we're going to see this is more and more of the norm.
  8. Still 2008, but boy did this year make it a difficult choice.
  9. Agreed about the place filler. The implied and inferred revelation theme associated with Sprach underscores how the one theme transcends the perceived absolutes of the other capped with the visual of the crown. That stuff is too complex yet tidy to be a coincidence.
  10. Very inclined to agree. Top corps uncategorically recruit. I've seen it on multiple occasions, must frequently from staff members working their "day jobs" with students they have from September to June. Also, loyalty is a very important issue to the middling corps. Most of these groups have a fair number that find the loyalty to their corps supercedes all; however, I've noted approximately 25% are looking forward to moving up next season. Also, staff members at top groups at unsuccessful auditions will strongly recommend auditioning at less strenuous corps, often personally contacting friends at that group, with the strong recommendation to get some seasoning and come back next season.
  11. Better analogy is La Liga. Everything the league has is designed to serve Barcelona and Real Madrid, both undeniably among the international elite. The end result: the league is billions in debt, viewership is on a double digit decline, merchandising outside of Barca is non existent, and speculation is the league won't survive the decade. Invest, invest, invest, invest.
  12. We experienced sort of a balanced approach. Coming from a semis level band, DCI selection was celebrated, top-notch visiting corps were routinely hosted which the entire band would assist and observe, corps staff were present at clinics for critique, local shows and/or Big Loud Live were an organized event, etc. But, active auditioning was not actively encouraged until later in the HS career. It was a very sound approach to give the young marcher significant seasoning to become fully aware of what they were getting themselves into.
  13. Neither are gymnastics or figure skating, and yet here we are. Perception supersedes reality.
  14. Correction: excellent conception poorly conceived.