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  1. Your post made me so angry! How dare you try to be rational. Oh, don't think I don't get it you Blue Devil fan you. I love the Cavaliers so anything that has any negative slat at all is poop and stupid and dumb and the poster obviously has it out for the Green Machine. I am so mad my face is purple and I'm flailing so much I knocked my coffee over. Oh, and an eye just popped out. I did curse but quietly because the kids are still asleep. Argghhhhh! Okay, got my eye back in. Well any way, so there mister! BTW, you had some typos.
  2. My comment was not necessarily triggered by your post. Maybe I should have stated, "Long before reading anyone's guess as to the basis for the show design, upon hearing the show title, I assumed the production was about Don Warren." We all have our own life experiences and perspectives. While I am completely open to and respectful of others' perceptions of what certain colloquialisms mean to them, I will continue to find this show title bothersome.
  3. So sorry. Whoops. Made the correction. THANKS!
  4. Do you really mean 100% lack of creativity? Not one visual or musical thought that lasts even one measure that is creative? I am greatly encouraged by what I hear! I have heard five show runs now from the top 12. My two favorite hands down are Boston and Regiment. Hands down. The theme? Below is a link I encourage you to look at regarding themes. There are many other sources out there that support this view of limited stories in all of literature and related arts:
  5. I have assumed the production is a nod to Don Warren. I think they could have picked a much better, more aware, more informed, more sensitive show title. Even if Don Warren referred to himself in this way (I have no idea if he did or not). I hope the show is fantastic.
  7. I do not remember which rain-out show that was live-streamed as a stand still concert. It wasnt until then that I feel I really heard the talent depth of the horn line. Compared to Blue Stars in that venue, it wasn't even close. Hearing that caused me to pay more attention to the show. Other than really not caring for Happy Days/Come on Get Happy, the arrangements sound fresh. The use of NYC near the end is wonderful. That said, the show just seems all over the map to me. Though I know "Singing in the Rain" quite well- watched it again three days ago, the shows theme is hard to follow. If the show was a claer tribute to Gene Kelly, or a drum corps take on famous dance segements from that era of film, I think the theme might have been easier to follow. I am glad they put the roar at the end. The fidelity however needs to be improved. The guard preesence if much better. The visual is okay for me, but the drums are much too removed from the drill most of the time. It is hard to ignore in that drumlines, due to the nature of all of the hardware, look visually heavy. I do think they can make effective chages without gutting anything. I am not sure that there is room above them for movement up.
  8. Now that's a review. Thanks for all the detail!
  9. Understandable. We type what is spinning in our brain and it sometimes comes out wrong. To answer your question as best I can, it depends on that judges's background, their teaching and judging experiences, the experieces they have in their given caption: performance, analysis, GE. Personally, I like the idea of new judges going right to the tough calls if they are qualified. I know they also have training and mentors that they consult with before judging.
  10. Brad T, I have to agree with westcoastblue on this one as hard as that is for me. And, you have to admit, that last line is funny.
  11. You do agree that all of your questions and thoughts would apply to any drum corps in this circumstance, don't you? Your opening statement makes if seem your suspiscions of administrative error or even sloth is high. I do think your statements are legit ones and I am also curious about many of them as well, however, my mind is more focused on the members perfoming well and having a good time at tonight's event.
  12. (I know it isn't over yet) What is the biggest story of the summer? The major wow!? The surprise happening? The newest innovation? The over-the-top effect? Come back of the year? Competitive surge of the year? I will save my own opinions for later. Discuss.
  13. Though there were severe performance issues, I would not say it was so much that the performance was phoned in as the show concept and design were phoned in back in the winter. Pretty shocking actually. There are much better designed shows 15-19. I would not be surprised if some others catch up to them. Don't hope for any one's downfall, but other deserving groups deserve the recognition and reward.
  14. Santa Clara. As a proud alum, and as an open minded fan, this show is just really great. Wonderful, melodic music interpreted beautifully in a visual way. They have found themselves again! Cadets. They are just so well trained and perform so confidently. Amazing drum line. Can anyone make straighter lines? The show is so well put together. Spirit of Atlanta. Why I fell in love with corps and why i keep coming back. Have restored my faith that Cesario's plan to allow for diversity and audience engagement is perhaps for real. Super crafty show. Crown. Doing what they do at a very high level. Love the guard and of course that brass line. These four shows for me represent a diversity of styes and types of drum corps entertainment as well as a staff's ability to stick to their style and yet continue develop it to its next level. BD and Bluecoats a distant 5th and 6th rank as for my favorites this season.