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  1. I just canceled from finals 😞 FYI... Hyatt House Downtown was a simple cancel. Delta Airlines gave me an eCredit (per a refundable ticket) for future flights. Not sure when the eCredits expire. The travel insurance site claims no pay out unless one is infected with COVID-19. Ticketmaster shows all my tickets as "postponed". I might assume DCI is still trying to decide what to do, or Ticket Master is overwhelmed and hasn't yet updated their system yet. I haven't looked, but is there a (single) site from which to gift money to several corps? I could hunt and peck for individual corp sites, but was hoping for a unified front door. --tg
  2. China (and other countries) aggressively jumped on testing, self reporting, central tracking and isolation. Businesses were shut down by default, individuals self-reported daily temperatures to a central database, individuals were assigned red/yellow/green risk QR codes, and letting people roam and businesses re-open has been based on calculated need and risk. If and until the US is willing to manage things like China, citing China's numbers has little relevance to what the US might experience. If some cold and flu infected co-workers coming to work for the past 30 years is any indication, we're in for a reality check soon.
  3. Despite 43 years of following DCI, the first show I attended was last year (Camas, WA), and I just got tickets for the prelims, semis and finals this year. As they say, "all in". For all us finals attendance rookies, any "do" and "don't" recommendations? Within the stadium, should I bring a seat back or anything else to survive long stints of sitting? Between corp performances, is it reasonable to pop into and out of the stadium? Nearby, are there parking lot warm-ups, or gathering spots for DCI fans? I have no sense of taking it all in, and yet trying to endure physically. I will be partial to brass warm-ups and performances as a former trumpet player. Thanks, --tg
  4. I often find many "parking lot warm-ups" more musically dynamic and emotion-filled than their on-field counterparts.Last night I was youtube-ing the Bluecoats 2014 and 2015, and as I've noticed many times before, especially with BD, the booming electronics often dull and flatten-out the overall sound. --SiletzSpey
  5. For better or worse, in the few copyright court cases I have read, being "non-profit" is a moot point. If someone is giving away a work for free (non-profit), then they may be depriving or weakening a copyright holder's own potential to make profit elsewhere or otherwise. --SiletzSpey
  6. Another Blue Stars 2008-2010 vote. There's a 15 second segment in this 2014 video that's on par: --SiletzSpey
  7. Thanks for the feedback I was stuck in analysis paralysis, so just jumped on '78, '88, '93, '00 and '05. --SiletzSpey Oakcrest High NJ, 77-81, 77 Atlantic Coast Champions (Group 2)
  8. The 1974 - 2009 DCI DVDs are currently on sale. As someone on the lookout for great brass performances and clean recordings thereof, are there any particular years that stand out among the DCI DVDs? Whether subtle and beautiful, jazzy, or a loud wall blowing my (remaining) hair back, I'm looking for that clean rich textured brass sound. '88 Devils, '89 Santa Clara ... '08 Crown, '09 Bluestars are some examples. --SiletzSpey
  9. Crown has an amazing brass sound. I even enjoy their brass warm-ups. --SiletzSpey
  10. Booming synthesizers and narrations have soured my desire to buy the newer DCI DVDs. I substitute by watching brass-only warmups or practices on youtube. --SiletzSpey
  11. No synth enhancements. I live for the sound of pure brass lines. --SiletzSpey
  12. I was a drum corp junkie from 1978-88, and only recently started to plug back in by buying the 2008-2010 championship DVDs. I have to say Frank Sullivan's 2009 (and 2008) work with the Blue Stars really impressed me. --SiletzSpey