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  1. I loved Gold's show! Extremely entertaining. I was in Michigan City for semis and finals. What a great Open Class division it was this season. Everyone really stepped up their game. All shows were very good. Can't wait to see what next year brings!
  2. Even though I thought that BDB was the best show out there (of course I am biased since my kid is in that corps , SCVC came back and won the title. Congratulations to SCVC! While it was disappointing as a BDB fan, to see joy and happiness on the SCVC's faces made me come back to reality. They worked just as hard, competed just as hard and wanted it just as much as BDB. Again, congratulations!
  3. Not sure where you were watching or that you are just trying to spread hate but BDB was notspitting on the field. I thought that all the corps brought it tonight. Congrats to SCVC on their win. BDB, your showed rocked tonight! You should be proud! All corps stepped up their game from last year for sure. Shout out to Genesis! Awesome show! Now on to Indy!
  4. DCI shows their housing in Indianapolis as Music CityHendricks County 4H Fair Grounds1900 East Main StreetDanville, IN 46122 Read more:
  5. What a great performances by all open class corps tonight. They all brought it! Of course BDB is my fave, but really enjoyed all. Gold and Genesis had awesome shows and yes, SCVC even got my attention. Their music is great and their all corps salute at the beginning and "charge" sequences are really cool. Looking forward to tomorrow and watching talented musicians and dancers at their best! Go Open Class!
  6. Let's go BDB! Great performances by all corps. Open class has some awesome shows this year! Loved Genesis's show!
  7. Open Class prelims Lineup is determined by how corps finish at Avon Lake on Saturday. At least that is my understanding.
  8. Looking back on my last post it realized I sounded quite snotty. That was not my intention and I apologize. While I am a BDB fan, I enjoy watching all corps and know how hard they work on their shows.
  9. Saw this discussion in World Class Forums so I thought I would start one in the Open Class. Now I know that these groups are not broadcast like the World Class corps are, but if you have seen them live or otherwise, share your thoughts!
  10. It was shown live last year. Quite a disappointment that they aren't going to have any live Open Class coverage.
  11. While SCVC may have the current high score, they didn't compete against BDB last night. With the exception of the first few shows of the season, BDB has scored well ahead of SCVC. Need to have all the Open Class corps compete at same venue in order for the scores to be comparable. BDB has an awesome, fun show this season!
  12. I would love to see more of the Open Class Corps shows broadcasted. They have a fan base too!