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  1. Best of luck to you! I called ticket master and no such luck. In the past there have been seats that have an "obstructed view" (a low railing blocking some of the pit) right under the press box. You couldn't buy them online and had to request them specifically. I once bought them day of the show. This year, no such luck. EVERYTHING inside the 10 is sold out.
  2. So DCI San Antonio tickets this year sold out crazy fast. Which is great for drum corps, but sucks for lazy me. Does anyone have tickets near the box they won't be using that I could purchase? In need of 2. I say near the box because anything outside the 35 and you lose 80% of the sound, so I might as well just try and grab tickets elsewhere and miss a couple corps this year. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. I can't decide if the snare feature in BDs show is supposed to be a board meeting or a strip club...
  4. Saw a brass member march backwards into one of the high-side corners earlier in the season. Corner went right into their rib cage.
  5. Hope that guard member is ok. That looked painful.
  6. DCI has all these things and I love every season more than the last, and so do my students. WE watch some older shows on the FN, but they really gravitate towards the new. DCI has the right idea lately and kids are flocking to the shows and souvenir booths. I just finished my first year at a new gig where they watched FN shows, but never went because the former director deemed it "too expensive." I announced plans to go (at student cost) to the San Antonio show and we are taking two charter buses packed with students. "Perhaps it is time for a traditional and a new age class." There is a traditional class: DCA. With the constant, be it lessening, rumbles about how DCI isn't the same anymore, you think DCA would be raking in the the money from older, more traditionalist fans. And to the respect that "elite" corps need to watch out for the little guy? No. No lower-placing corps is obligated to do ANYTHING the top corps are doing. To suggest they have to in order to advance is silly as many corps have shown.
  7. There is one uniform and one costume in the photo. I'll let you deduce which goes with which.
  8. Anyone who gets seats in the first few rows at any show is not going to able to see a thing with that stage. I know that section isn't most peoples' top choice, but think of all the small stadiums used that have general admission based on blocks of seating. You pay top dollar, get stuck in traffic so you arrive a tad late only to find available seats in the bottom few rows. No biggie until the Cadets step off and all you can see is a plume puppet show.
  9. Man that sash looks like something out of a 90's high school band catalogue listed under the "budget friendly" section. Ditch the shoulder dangles. I understand adding texture/dimension to the uniform....but were black feathers not considered?
  10. Predictable, tired, ordinary, shopworn, trite, etc, etc, etc
  11. I'm betting the Purcell that The Cavaliers are using is "Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary." And by betting I mean hoping. And by Purcell I hope they mean the version arranged by Steven Stucky.
  12. Already looks good. Thanks for taking this over.