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  1. Sorry but I won't be in Allentown to bring you a snowcone! And guess what? I'll probably be reading your minute by minute blog of the event even though I maintain that your commentary carries more weight with the fans that it should. My main question is why DCI has anyone blog? The other question was not meant as a personal attack, but is valid. If DCI insists on a blog, then why not have someone blogging about music and a different person blogging about visual. When I speak of the status quo, I guess I'm frustrated that DCP ends up more like talk radio with people more concerned about upholding their position than having a civilized discussion. Guess that's part of politics -- government or DCI!
  2. Oh for heaven's sake . . . I have been reading the DCP forums for years and just today became a member so voice the only opinion about DCI that I felt worth airing. (Actually, spent about 1 minute thinking of "In the Stands"!) In the last few minutes, my opinion has been called sour grapes (in so many words), a petty and silly complaint, and now accused of being Michael Boo as a ghostwriter! Amazing!! I have quickly figured out that it's not looked upon kindly to go against the status quo.
  3. I still think that DCI perpetuates a bias by hosting an official blog. Bringing up the topic on DCP will not change the DCI organization or structure. I don't expect it to. However, I do expect to be able to voice an opinion without it being called a "petty and silly complaint" because it differs from your opinion.
  4. I have no affliation with any corps, just "In the Stands". Please do not discredit my valid question with the sour grapes cop out.
  5. My point is that those geniuses are writing on DCP. Why does DCI have anyone at all write a blog on its site?
  6. I've been following drum corps (DCI) for 15 years and love the activity. I am concerned that DCI perpetuates a bias when they sanction Michael Boo's blog. Personally, I find it helpful when I am not at a show. However, Boo's blog is one man's opinion -- the only man's opinion that runs on the DCI website. To the extent that Boo writes negative or positive commentary, DCI approves it. We are told that Boo marched Cavaliers for 3 years and has two degrees in music. Does that qualify him to comment authoriatively on the visual aspects? At very least, DCI should sanction a second blog by someone with visual expertise. In fairness to all corps, I think DCI should drop the blog on its website.