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  1. I’m a huge admirer, but I never marched drum corps - my peak was marching for a competitive HS marching band. At any rate, the discipline, the selflessness, the perseverance, and the deep collaboration instilled in me in my adolescence because of marching band *without a doubt* helped me get through and thrive during medical school and residency training! I would quasi-“stand at attention” when I was in the Operating Room assisting in middle-of-the-night surgeries as a med student, focusing, motionlessly, answering the surgeon’s questions, anticipating their next moves in a kind of choreographed way, while not distracting - I didn’t become a surgeon, but they all loved me in the OR, and I very consciously knew I was drawing on my marching experience. This is one of a gazillion examples, and I’m curious why more marchers don’t end up in medicine as many of the skills (and perfectionism!) come in handy.
  2. Is it possible they are both on Boston? The baritone solo in dialogue with the battery and the trumpet screamer are both outstanding! Any other nominees for best soloist this year? I’ve seen but a small fraction of the corps’ shows this summer and curious to hear of other stand-outs.
  3. Anyone know if the show has been canceled or delayed due to weather? Are the lots open and are corps warming up?
  4. Hi all -- I've been super-excited about attending tonight for a long time now. I bought 5 tickets for tonight's show for one of my own kids, 3 kids of close friends who are non-marching folk (I took them all to a show a few yrs ago and their kids still rave about it, so I'm taking the kiddos without their parents tonight as mom and dad liked, but didn't love it), and myself. Weather forecasts have shifted and it's looking like it'll be wet tonight. 😞 I definitely don't wanna make the trip to/from Lawrence which is an hour away with 4 kids only to be told it's cancelled when I get there. I've received email reminders from BAC and Eventbrite about the show. Will I get an email if the show is either cancelled or delayed? If not, what's the best way for me to stay up-to-date? I totally understand that this is likely a game-time decision and that the corps need to do what's best for the members!
  5. Ok, what’s particularly unclean about PR? Members marching out of step or out of formation? Late musical entrances or imprecise drumming or brass articulations? I’ll admit I don’t have as keen an eye and ear, so I’m asking out of genuine curiosity. I think there are awesome “moments” in that show that gave me chills, so I don’t get that the design is flawed. Execution - ok maybe. It was really cool and innovative how some of the mm’s had two different brass instruments in their two hands and played each in alternating fashion, one-handed. (Is that viewed as gimmicky by judges and you all?) I don’t quite remember other things they did, but they did a few things that I thought were really cool and unique.
  6. I saw the season premiere at the movies last night. I am by no means a DCI judge, but I’ve attended plenty of shows for the past 10 years and used to march as a trumpet player. For me, as far as entertainment value and performance quality, I thought Bluecoats, BAC, and PR were incredibly captivating. Yes, I would put PR in the same sentence as the other two. Why does PR get no love from the judges?? I’d love an honest answer as to what is so off about the PR show or execution to warrant last place. (For the record, I’ve loved CC shows and root hard for them. And my first love is The Cadets, having band directors who marched Cadets. So I’m no PR homer. I’m not loving either CC or Cadets shows this year, at least not yet.)
  7. FWIW, I took a buddy to the Lynn show. He’d never been to nor heard of drum corps before last night. We watched the Cadets drumline warm up in the nearby cemetery, as well as SOA. Anyhow, his mouth dropped several times during the Cadets show, and he let out a long, “Wow....”. In his opinion, the Cadets were the best and most memorable show (above BC, CC, and BAC). (And I didn’t share with him what transpired in the Off-season — solely based on last night’s performance, though it’s possible he was biased having seen the Cadets warm up.)
  8. I realize this doesn't apply directly to DCI World Class corps, but all things considered, I figured those following and affiliated with the top corps would be interested in this opportunity. Candide and Bernstein, generally, have received much love and attention in DCI over the years. --- Inspired by Leonard Bernstein, Conductor Keith Lockhart and the Orchestra Will Host a Conducting Competition The competition is for students ages 18-30 who live in or attend school in New England or New York, giving one winner the opportunity to conduct the Boston Pops in Bernstein's Overture to "Candide" during the orchestra's June 7 performance.
  9. I am typically very pro-Cadets. Other corps I tend to like (through the years, not necessarily this year or last year): Crown, Phantom, and Bluecoats. With the exception of the Fellini show (2014, I believe), I've not cared for the BD shows very much. All of that said, having only watched "Metamorph" on YouTube (I live near Boston), and not even in-person, I can confidently say this is my favorite show of any corps in 2017!! It's not even close. I can see this going down as one of my personal favorite shows of all time. Well done, BD, converting a Cadets fan this summer (oh the irony). Bravissimo!
  10. Is there any place on the sheets that a good vocalist would earn a corps points? Let's say the Cadets find the next Whitney Houston, give her the most ridiculous solos, and every crowd is in awe, 5 min standing O's everywhere they perform..... these performances start attracting thousands of non drum corps fans to shows just to see her.... would this vocalist affect the Cadets score at all? It's not all about the scores, of course, but I do think the Cadets have to figure out how to place higher if they want to remain "The Cadets" and I'm not sure this helps. But I'm glad to be educated and proven wrong, if I'm wrong. Nevertheless, I'm excited to see their show this summer, with or w/o vocalists.
  11. I hope they're holding back one final, huge change that they only unveil in Indy. Like Clara last year for the BD. Maybe that the violinist is also an accomplished gymnast and she does some crazy back handspring-tumbling sequence across the field as the stoners, I mean statues, awaken! Go Cadets!
  12. I'm looking forward to another great show after last night's East Coast Classic. It's exciting how The Cadets are closing the gap, the PR show is rich and gorgeous and reminiscent of '03 and '10 and their Elgar performances; and Bloo is bringing the activity to the next level. Worth mentioning also are The Spartans who are performing a very entertaining show and create nice volume and effect at times. And tonight in Lynn, thankfully, the start time is more the norm and more groups will be under the lights. I took a total of 14 other people last night to BC. 12 had never seen drum corps; 1 was seeing her 2nd show, and my wife was seeing her 4th show. None were in marching bands. 1 is a talented pianist, another a French horn player, otherwise no musicians or dancers. 2 were kids aged 4 yo and 7 yo. We sat directly on the 50 in rows 29 and 30. Everyone was amazed, particularly by PR, Cadets, and Bloo, as you would guess. I'm on a mission to convert the nonbelievers. :)
  13. Anyone know why it's starting so early? It looks like only Bluecoats and Cadets will be after sunset, when shows have more impact. Also, is it confirmed that BAC isn't on last?
  14. I just purchased my first Blu-Ray player and would like to buy a Blu-Ray from DCI. Anyone know of any past years in which the Blu-Ray has no (or minimal) parts of shows missing due to copyright? On the flip side, are there any years in which the Blu-Ray is poor because of the censorship?
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