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  1. I completely agree. We see corps using stages and props more and more. Those things limit the amount of field that corps members cover during the performance. This season we saw corps that spent most of their show performing on the right side of the 50 yard line. If we continue to see less and less of the field utilized we will end of up with shows that could fit entirely on a WGI sized stage.
  2. These are the shows that I keep going back to. Crown - They played beautifully..... all while doing some really great drill. Blue Knights - Their best show since "That one second". Very moving. Blue Stars - An old school demanding drill and an incredible closer. SCV - Musically, they were my favorite. Pacific Crest - Great design for a corps that I think will be pushing towards finals next year.
  3. Yes, It's from this years finals. Crown's second piece and Blue Stars ballad are without audio as of now. The main page of Flo explains that they are still working on getting the rights to post more of this years World Championships.
  4. I know this is off-topic, but Flo is replaying some of the Finals performances of corps who they have cleared music licensing for. It's nice to be able to watch them without the lag and sputtering of the stream that some of us had to endure.
  5. STOP - Turing musicians and guard members into stage hands.. START - Drill. Drill that's not limited to only one side of the field. CHANGE - Change costumes less.
  6. With Prosperie judging percussion the experts should have known better.
  7. Flo sucked tonight...I will leave my comments about the results of the competition to myself. But I think that Flo did a better job than the judges. Hope everyone enjoys the off-season.... see ya in June.
  8. And they probably also won the Yo-Yo Ma Award for best strings performance.
  9. That's my impression as well. I think that both Bluecoats and Crown had their best performances of the season tonight. Nothing against the California corps who performed wonderfully this evening, but not to the level that Crown and Coats did.
  10. Yes it was probably the best that the Blue Devils have marched all year. But.......................
  11. It takes a lot more than a few comments for my feelings to get hurt. I was among those who thought that Bluecoats performance last night was not up to par and that they had likely doomed their chance of winning gold. I hope no one's feelings were hurt by that.
  12. Wow.... It seems that there is some nitpicking going on in an effort to make tonight's Bluecoats performance seem like less than it was. The negative spin is somewhat insulting.
  13. I thought that the Bluecoats may have peaked too soon this year...... Boy was I wrong! This is what having a total package looks and sounds like. IMO.... This was the gold medal winning performance.