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  1. Agreed. I've always enjoyed watching the reaction of friends or coworkers when I've taken them to their first DCI show. Watching her is the closest thing to that that we have right now.
  2. i was surprised at how long they lasted. So I made sure to save the one's I didn't already have.
  3. I cancelled my Flo Marching before it renewed. I'm going to take that money, add it to whatever I was going to spend on tickets, food, merchandise and hotels and make a donation to one of the corps. There are going to be several that are going to have struggle to stay alive with no tour money coming in.
  4. We knew this was coming. But that doesn't make it hurt any less.
  5. Thinking about a bunch of sweaty kids getting on to buses this summer. We've seen bugs run through corps before that made them have to drop out of events. I think they are going to have to cancel the season
  6. Here's the latest report from
  7. I can see how a clarinet player might feel a bit left out by the instrument limitations of Drum and Bugle Corps, but please consider how percussionist rarely get to play challenging material in an orchestra. Standing in the back of the orchestra to perform a few cymbal crashes in a 60 minute piece doesn't exactly challenge a percussionist like Drum Corps does. There are simply more ensembles for a WW player to participate in than there are for a snare drummer. Adding another avenue for a Clarinetist to express themselves musically, takes away one of the few places that a percussionist
  8. I completely agree. We see corps using stages and props more and more. Those things limit the amount of field that corps members cover during the performance. This season we saw corps that spent most of their show performing on the right side of the 50 yard line. If we continue to see less and less of the field utilized we will end of up with shows that could fit entirely on a WGI sized stage.
  9. These are the shows that I keep going back to. Crown - They played beautifully..... all while doing some really great drill. Blue Knights - Their best show since "That one second". Very moving. Blue Stars - An old school demanding drill and an incredible closer. SCV - Musically, they were my favorite. Pacific Crest - Great design for a corps that I think will be pushing towards finals next year.
  10. Yes, It's from this years finals. Crown's second piece and Blue Stars ballad are without audio as of now. The main page of Flo explains that they are still working on getting the rights to post more of this years World Championships.
  11. I know this is off-topic, but Flo is replaying some of the Finals performances of corps who they have cleared music licensing for. It's nice to be able to watch them without the lag and sputtering of the stream that some of us had to endure.
  12. STOP - Turing musicians and guard members into stage hands.. START - Drill. Drill that's not limited to only one side of the field. CHANGE - Change costumes less.