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  1. This particular year, yeah. I don't post all that much, but this situation compelled me to say something. Anyway, I got it off my chest. Time to let it go.
  2. SCV's 2019 show did not get a lot of love or "buzz" online, for whatever reason (this was a comparatively quiet thread), and maybe it was because there were too many WGI elements being incorporated, which are too hard to read in a stadium. Still, I loved the show, and especially the individual characters you could see being developed, and, way they pushed the envelope on choreography over the hornline, essentially making them into an adjunct guard. And percussion? So stellar. Absolutely dominant all season, with a well deserved Sanford win. If you watch some of the "cams" coming out from their front ensemble, you'll see some virtuostic playing. Some really hard stuff.
  3. I strongly disagree with Prosperie's finals percussion judgement, and it made me lose respect for a judge I had respected. SCV percussion played more, for a greater portion of their show, and were clearly dominant at every show this year. Their front ensemble alone had some jaw-droppingly hard parts, and should have been way up for that reason alone. Finals was a stellar run from SCV too, and second in drums was an insult. It makes me question what his motivation was, since here we are, all talking about Prosperie, and not how absolutely great SCV percussion was. The ump made a bad call on the last play.
  4. Cool to see Crown's drums rooting for the horns from behind the prop in the ballad!
  5. Enjoyed hearing about it. I thought they should have done this earlier in the year! It's very interesting the level of detail they are going for, although I am not sure it translates, especially on a smaller screen at home. In essence, there are parts where the whole corps is doing guard, and it's not just watered down stuff either, but really good choreo. Come on SCV, knock one out of the park in quarters!
  6. I loved watching the recent official video on the choreography the corps is doing. Seriously detailed! Hope they smoke the run in Akron.
  7. I liked the visual in today's show, sans center tarp, much better. Not sure if they removed it or, if they are trying to do something about the glare. Anyway: Go Vanguard!!
  8. Yeah, not sure how to describe it. It's a raised fist decal of some kind on a red fade.