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  1. The Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni will host an Open House on Sunday, January 28th, 2018at American Legion Post 199, 1 Legion Place, Hawthorne, NJ 07506. Please join us from 12:30 pm until 5:00 pm. We field a full marching corps including percussion, brass and color guard and we have openings in all sections! Minimum age is 21 Open to everyone interested in marching in an alumni corps - prior membership in the Caballeros is not required! The Open House is a perfect time to visit with friends, check out the world famous Post 199 Trophy Room, and learn more about the alumni. We are looking for members in all sections and we will have a lot of friendly members on hand to answer your questions. Still on the fence? If you marched decades ago, a year ago or just in the last few months, we would love to have you join us at the Open House – no equipment necessary, but if you have it, bring it! We have flags, rifles, horns, drums – and more! If you need help with borrowing equipment, please send Steve Raclowski an email - If you have any questions, please email Steve. We hope to see you there!
  2. Sunday - September 3, 2017 - 10 AM 9:50 National Anthems - Freelancers Mini Corps 10:00 --- Freelancers 10:18 --- Tri Valley Brass 10:36 --- Steel City Ambassadors 10:54 --- Hamburg Kingsmen 11:12 --- Reilly Raiders 11:30 --- Skyliners Alumni 11:48 --- Crusaders Senior D&B Corps 12:06 --- Caballeros Alumni Corps 12:24 --- Les Diplomates
  3. Received this email from John's daughter. There must be some of you out there who's lives John touched during your drum corps years. He needs your support now. Please SHARE with drummers, drum corps, and others who know and love John S. Pratt. ******************************************************* From Joanie Pratt . . . . A court-appointed lawyer recently seized control of my father, John S. Pratt, and his assets. Although my father was still viable and capable (stricken only with memory loss-Alzheimer's) and still functioning independently for most daily tasks, the lawyer stuck him in a nursing home against our family's wishes about 5 weeks ago, where an immediate decline, due to lack of care or attention began. My beloved father, Jack, is now not eating. Currently he is at the Preakness Health Center in Wayne, NJ. POWERFUL AND UPLIFTING PRAYERS ARE REQUESTED AND APPRECIATED! I would greatly appreciate emails from everyone about my father's influence on you musically, character-wise, carer-wise or other. Please tell me how you know him, were you a student of his or do you study/play his music? Please share fond memories, stories, photos or videos of whatever you have. Thank you! Love, sadly, Joanie M. Pratt Loving Daughter of John S. Pratt I can be reached by phone: Call or text: 201-410-2162 Email: Here are some of his many affiliations: West Point Hellcats The Old Guard Norm Peth Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame World Drum Corps Hall of Fame NJ Drummers Hall of Fame American Patriots' Rudimental Drum Club Hall of Fame C.A.D.R.E. Canadian Association of Drumming Rudimental Excellence I.A.T.D. International Association of Traditional Drummers Hawthorne Caballeros New York Kingsmen Interstatesmen Criterions Grey Knights New Jersey Field Music Sons and Daughters of the Ex 5th Regiment Fife and Drum Civil War Troopers Geneva Appleknockers DCI / DCA
  4. Here is the latest weather from Hudson Valley Weather. It looks like things will be OK for showtime. SATURDAY, 8/5/2017 AM Showers High: 81° Early showers and thunderstorms tapering off by mid to late morning... followed by decreasing clouds and partly cloudy afternoon skies. Turning less humid and breezy during the afternoon. High around 80°. SE wind 5 to 10mph shifting WNW and gusty. Chance of rain 70%. Mostly Clear Low: 53° Skies turning mostly clear, crisp and quite chilly. Low in the mid 50s [Catskills: Near 50°]. NW wind 5 to 10mph.
  5. The stadium is right off Route 46 in Clifton. For your GPS the address is 350 Piaget Ave. Clifton, NJ.
  6. The Corps will be holding it's first rehearsal of the 2017 season this Sunday Sept. 18th from 1-5pm at Hawthorne AL Post 199 1 Legion Place, Hawthorne, NJ If you are looking to join, we'd love to see you there. If you are thinking about joining we'd love to see you there. Even if you don't plan to join, just want to sit in have some fun and play some new music we'd love to see you there.
  7. Alumni Spectacular Line-up Steel City Tri Valley Brass Karwartha Kavialiers Hamburg Kingsmen Reilly Raiders Scout House Skyliners Alumni Les Diplomates Boston Crusaders Senior Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni
  8. I have someone who is interested in the tickets for Saturday. If they are still available. How can I get the two of you together?? Thanks, BJ
  9. With over 70 G bugles out there, no amplifiers are needed!!
  10. I heard that they did manage to get the parade in today.
  11. Don't think Sky Alumni is doing the parade. They just did the ELKS parade in Wildwood yesterday.
  12. I agree. Just another brick in the wall. It's sad $$ get in the way of something so trivial as drum corps DVD's. How much money are we talking about here. It was the only chance for many of us to have a high quality record of our performance. Oh well, we'll just to depend on our memories and whatever videos pop up on YouTube.
  13. Here is the updated lineup for Satruday night's show. In order of appearance.......... North Star Park City Pride Ct. Alumni Defenders INTERMISSION Crusaders Sr. Blessed Sacrament Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni Classic Cavaliers
  14. I don't think that list is in any special order. Just a list of who was going to be there. You know they like to put us (Cabs Alumni) on last.