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  1. My first drum corps show was the US Open in Marion, Ohio in 1969. It was amazing then and it is amazing still, even with all of the changes that have happened throughout the years. Today's show are quite different but they are still challenging and extremely impressive performances by ever increasingly talented young people. You could never pay them to work this hard if they didn't love it! From top to bottom this was my favorite year and if I am honest the only I can remember year where there was no hot dog corps for me. Every single one had something good and interesting to offer.
  2. I find this thread to be a hilarious waste of time. The Bluecoats were one of the corps back in the day that resisted the rule changes that still have people riled up. But, the rules were passed and life goes on. Now, some seem to think the Bluecoats and others are somehow wrong for being innovative, creative and competitive within these rules. I get you don't like the rules but why bash any of these hard working corps for working effectively within them? I was at the Akron show and truly enjoyed every one of the corps from Crossmen to Bluecoats. I have been watching drum corps
  3. I have seen this comment a couple of times about the bluecoats show this year but to be honest, I don't get it. Why do you think this is just a rehash of previous years? They have different music, different vibe, different look, different drill, different theme, different props, different uniforms (costumes, I guess), a singer. To me it is completely a different show. Can you please explain?
  4. View from our seats. Beautiful evening for a show!
  5. Does anyone know who the judging crew was for Dallas?
  6. OK, I will play a bit longer. The show represents nonstop energy resulting from the all that tilting and it's eternal battle with gravity. The energy builds at the beginning of the show, is attenuated temporarily during the ballad and then builds again strongly at the close with multiple pitch bend teases and then the real pitch bend itself. The jumper at the end is the final, satisfying release of the built up energy that restores natural equilibrium to our world.
  7. Brutus, you have been baggin' this show all season with your pretentious pseudo-intellectual bullcrap. I saw my first drum corps show in 1969 and fell in love with the genre because of the precision, power and pageantry - the unique sounds and images that only exist here. I don't have any desire to do any research to make sure I understand the full "meaning" of a show. We have a great season going on and I have enjoyed all of the corps I have seen both live and on Fan Network. I love how clean the Blue Devils are, I love to watch the Cadets march and I love Crown's lush brass sound, SCV's
  8. Congratulations Bluecoats! This was a great finish to a great season by a corps that has done it the right way and is structured to sustain this level for a while. I can't wait until next year - the blooing after winning a championship will be awsome. Yes, it could happen.
  9. Here is my prediction. The Bluecoats are ready for a jump. Yes, it could happen. 1) Bluecoats- 91.25 2) SCV- 88.25 3) Phantom- 88.05 4) Blue Knights- 85.00 5) Spirit- 78.50 6) Colts- 77.50 7) Teal Sound- 74.00 8) Cascades- 73.00
  10. Bluecoats 85.35 Crown 84.70 Cavaliers 84.65 Phantom 82.45 Boston 81.20 Madison 78.55 Spirit 72.60
  11. What is up with the Bluecoats Music Ensemble score? Dead last in one of the subcaptions? 1.4 behind their last show, I think. 1st in percussion, 2nd in brass and 4th in ensemble??? Bad show or judging anomaly?