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  1. Lots of great shows this coming year. Whitewater has its best lineup in decades, Crowns August home show has the top 8. Atlanta once again has all World Class corps in a fantastic stadium. Thank you DCI for a great schedule of shows.
  2. Cadets will just do a standstill tonight in Boston--more sick kids. I don't remember a year like this. Get well soon Cadets.
  3. Will DCI be announcing next summers schedule before Thanksgiving? I'm getting itchy .
  4. Been there--did that---didn't like it. 1988. There is plenty of suspense with the current system--and upsets do occur. 2008.
  5. Stop the nonsense---150 is enough and sustainable. Upping the numbers would only lead to the top 6 separating themselves even further from the rest of the corps. It is difficult enough now for the bottom half of DCI to recruit 150.
  6. Get rid of Open Class---many of their competitions are sparsely attended---incorporate them into DCI's regular schedule of shows. And encourage them to put out more crowd-entertaining shows, instead of trying to impress the judges with esoteric design. This would also give local shows a bigger line-up of corps--too many shows are now being scheduled with just 4 or 5 corps.
  7. And if Phantom finishes 10th it will be their lowest placement since 1974--first year they made finals.
  8. If you want decent seats hang outside the stadium before the shows. People always have extra tickets to sell.
  9. I had to cancel an Airbnb room for Thursday--Sunday. Really nice private suite about 2 miles from the stadium. $65/night. If anyone needs a place let me know.
  10. Indy is pretty boring, but there are good restaurants and pubs--and lets face it--we are in the stadium most of the time anyway. With prelims now starting in the morning on Thursday there isn't much time to do anything but have a few lunches/pubs, and sit in the stadium. Indy is it---and we have to deal with that.
  11. And Flomarching is not available outside of the USA! DCI seems to have forgotten that there are tens of thousands of drum corps fans living in Canada, Europe, Asia and other countries. Get with it please DCI!
  12. Looking for two seats down fairly low between the 40's. For both Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks.
  13. Rumors are the Cadets will be dropping the uniform for good this year---the costumes rumored are interesting--to say the least.