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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on Madison's new percussion head?
  2. I hope Madison makes some major changes. Not the staff but at the top!!!
  3. Indianapolis is much easier and cheaper to for rehearsals/camps, as they have direct flights in and out.
  4. In 1989 at the beginning of Madison's show...."Hi Karen!" End of Phantom..."Judges are you watching" (I used to think he yelled "The judges aren't even watching!") 1999...Beginning of SCV...."Go Wonderbread!!" 1983 Garfield Cadets, at the end of the ballad, you can hear Zingalli giggling. 1986 right before Madison's Harlem Suite, some kid softly yells "Go for it Madison"...sounds like he's sort of afraid to yell. 1990 Madison in the beginning of Remembrance, some woman yells "Go Cubby" (it was Kevin Hochstetter's girlfriend)
  5. This is a non-issue. First, for decades this was never a problem for the Scouts. And it has never been a problem for the Cavaliers. This decision is smpke and mirrors to distract from CK's and DP's poor management decisions over the years. I wish the 2020 young men and women coming into Madison, but unless the admin and BOD is voted out, I see no real change.
  6. AMEN! Look at the Bluecoats. They are top level of competitive excellence and one of the most entertaining/crowd friendly corps out there.
  7. This! Comments about the Admin and BOD aside (let's worry about that in the off season), this show is such a blast to watch and listen to! Go Scouts!! Full throttle ahead Brothers!!!
  8. Pre-season, Elvord was hyping how we're not only shooting to get back in the top 12, but high up into the top 12. Well, as of tonight, you're around 7 points back from that goal.
  9. Yep. It was Mason who should get all the credit for 2010-2015. Komnick loves to act like he's been the mastermind of those years. He is not.
  10. Wow. Just watched the's cleaning up and it's looking and sounding amazing!! They may not make the top 12, but if they continue to work hard, clean, and keep selling this show, they could climb a couple spots at least. Some of the drill moves/transitions are incredible, and I LOVE the music. I wish I could convince Elvord or whoever is in charge of the overall program to add some cool props to give them more GE points...and I'd offer to buy them if I had the money!! But overall, this is a VERY entertaining package and you can tell the guys LOVE performing it. At the end, you can see t
  11. The timing of this is very suspicious. Why not wait 'till the end of the season?
  12. On one hand, I still disagree with this move because it seems to be the leadership succumbing to legal, financial and competitive pressure......but trying to look at the could be good as a reset/reboot in the sense that, it pries the Corps out of traditions/image/identity. For decades, they have always had one foot in the past. There's always been a concern of "does this fit the image of the Scouts I've always known" or "is this show "masculine" like the Scouts need to be?". And like it or not, that hamstrings you as a designer. I did not like last year's show fo
  13. Well then, let's just tear down all fraternities, sororities, all male colleges, all female colleges, any associations or clubs because they are chauvinistic ...let's make everyone and everything all inclusive, take away any and all distinctions, uniqueness, tear down the evil patriarchy!!!!!!!!!