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  1. I don’t know - I marched Blue Devils 1977 and could show you my fencing scar even then - epeé for me....
  2. I marched Devils in 1977 - helped with equipment in the 80;s - you cut me I bleed blue - and I am perfectly clear the calibre of organization needed to beat the Devils and if Bluecoats win I'll be the first to say they earned it .... and I'll take the entire Internet on with one hand tied behind my back one at a time or in a bunch to back them up. With that said DO IT UP, DEVILS!!!! Cherokee Jim
  3. Announced Spartan’s brass score here in the theatre in Maine....applause...myself, I think it’s cool but a little weird....
  4. According to people I spoke to (BITD) modern drum corps started in New England in Malden, MA (guess who I was speaking to) - now it's Boston, 7th Regiment and Spartans - c'mon Nashua, bring it home!
  5. SARGE!!! R. Lee Ermey!!!! God, I really like the kids - this is the kind of cojones (whatever the Irish word is - cahoogies?) that the Cirque du Soleil started with ....
  6. I was also there and BD definitely won the show ... 27 was a joy to watch
  7. I admit to being tempted by the Flo iOS app but the gyoza pulled my focus....you're right
  8. Just got home from a lovely al fresco sushi dinner in town by the statue in Longfellow Square .... and now I see a rain delay? well, poopie .....
  9. It's probably me but I'm not experiencing the kind of musical/emotional journey from SCV that I did last year ... hmmm....
  10. Is it me or was that a real jerk question to ask young Mr. Olander while the recently defeated corps under discussion was SETTING UP BEHIND THEM?!?!!