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  1. Will Alexander

    Alexander, William

    Hi! My name is Will, and I LOVE drumcorps. I started any sort of marching activity in 2009 when I joined my High School's marching band. It was then that I really started to take an interest in the activity. In late 2010, my friend invited me to go to the Atlanta Corpsvets open house in November. I had the worst sinus infection of my life that day, but it still captivated me like nothing else ever had - Focus, determination, teamwork. It was life changing. I went on to march that season, and though it was a small season for the corps, it was a fun one. After that season ended, I marched for the third year in my high school's band. It was a change of directors and program style, and it really was a great step up from the previous years at high school. After that season, I again came back to CV. I tried out for drum major, but unfortunately didn't make it, and actually had a blast marching the 2012 production "God Save the Queen". It was a fantastic summer that only fueled my fire to march DCI. I'm halfway through my fourth year at my high school, and our program is 'No Strings Attached'. I'm actually lucky enough to have gotten a visual soloist position. We've gotten first place in every caption at both competitions we've been to, and it's very exciting! With all this success, I have made the decision to stop at nothing to march DCI next season. I really want to march with Spirit of Atlanta, but it's expensive. For me to audition costs $200 alone. I'm halfway to that goal through fundraising, but I need all the help I can get for the auditions and beyond. Please, consider donating any amount, share the link with your friends and family, your school, anything! It would mean the world to me if I could march DCI next summer. Thanks so much, Will Alexander http://fnd.us/c/4NLpa
  2. Will Alexander

    If all the Texas talent stayed in Texas

    Honestly, it's possible for anyone to win. Look at the Cavaliers. They've won a bunch of times, and this last year they placed kinda low. I think the biggest factor is show design. The year after PR won, they got 9th with 'The Red Violin'. The kids can be the most talented in the world, but if the show doesn't work well, it won't score high. Also, as someone said earlier, it could work the other way. If the show is perfect, but the kids aren't good enough, it won't score as high as it could.
  3. Will Alexander

    Help Me March DCI!

    Hey everyone! I just made an account here on DCP, having read stuff on it for a while. I've marched 4 years in my high school band, and played lead two of those years. I've marched one season in my school's indoor drumline, and I've marched two years with the DCA corps Atlanta CV. While I love doing all of this, I'm really ready to move on to DCI. But, as you drumcorps lovers know, it's expensive, so what I really need some help with is the cost! I've raised half of what I need to audition for Spirit of Atlanta, which is $200. But then, I've got other fees to worry about! So, if anyone here could donate any amount of money, or share the link, or anything, that would be fantastic! Thanks, Will http://fnd.us/c/4NLpa