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  1. GH “Shirley we know I have serious problems but what they are is a whole other issue :-) Actually we were watching radar and convincing the stadium management to let cadets 2 get on before the rain . Needless to say - unsuccessful; at least for a while . Glad all the out there :-) KG “We're all in drum corps. If we don't have issues, THAT'S when something's wrong with us! EC “Drum corps *is* an issue, probably our major one. As long as we don't suffer in silence. ;) interesting disussion knowing know what has happened
  2. Safest Corps on the tour this season will be Cadets I would think this should not be of any concern to any members or parents based in the microscopic attention that will be upon the YEA org
  3. I hope they get their required 30 members to compete the rest of the season with those numbers they are under at 27 only need 3 more to be legal
  4. BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!!! First load of world series astroturf has arrived Help support the corps as we move towards our new home
  5. Well this was a well attended camp despite the frigid weather 34 degrees The corps has completed a full 4mins of visual and is confident in its peformance Brass has a good comand of their respositbilitites and the percussion supports that equally the guard is working toward the same goals but is just a bit behind but catching up quickly this should be an interesting season for the corps Next Camp Welland Ont June 20 21 stil some vacancies check out these available positions contact
  6. Blue Saints are alive and kicking since 1952 there are a few remaining seats on the bus contact for further
  7. RCA Imperial Knights Still in operation under the Blue Saints umbrella as a alumni corps approx 20 members and a pretty strong articulate brassline
  8. Two K 90 contra with one spare bell good condition
  9. What year and corps use red colored cymbals we are guessing it was Crossmen can anyone confirm yr and corps