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    auditioning for the crossmen this year(2012-2013)
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    carolina crown, crossmen, phantom regiment, cavaliers
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    phantom-'07,'08,'12; cavaliers-"the machine", "15 minites of fame", "xtraordinary"
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  1. So does anyone know what's going on with the glassmen? I've heard they aren't participating this season, and I've also heard they are.
  2. Are there any that focus on the low brass like crown focuses on high?
  3. I was wondering which corps are known for their Bari/euph sections.
  4. My concert instrument is a tbone but I have a marching baritone, and pieces prepared for both
  5. I was wondering do most that audition for a corps audition on their concert or marching horn?
  6. I think I could see crown doing this or the regiment, I know that sounds typical but I think that the regiment could pull off a SUPER dark classical piece. And I think crown could do it because, well they're crown. End of story. I could be wrong, this is just my opinion
  7. So I have a few questions about the crossmen. 1.) Do they march euphs or baris? 2.) Is there horn angle 10 above parallel, or parallel?