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  1. The news crushed me. I've been a fan since 2010 and I planned on flying to Indiana since 2012. This would've been my first time ever seeing a corps perform live... I wonder how they're gonna handle the tickets that were already bought.
  2. My application was delivered last Wednesday but I have yet to hear back from dci. How long did it take for you guys to hear back once you sent in your application?
  3. i sent my application yesterday and the earliest it’ll arrive in Indiana is this Wednesday ☹️ Downside of living so far away
  4. Should I wait for the individual tickets in December? What do you think?
  5. It’ll be my first time watching DCI live after following the activity for 10 years! I figure buying the super 3 package would be the way to get best seats? Any advice for a first timer? I’m so excited!!
  6. And the 2019 DCP Predict the Results Champion is.... @Den8uml! Thank you to everyone who participated this year! This was a real fun way to keep up with the season. Hope to see you all back again in 2020! FINAL SEASON STANDINGS 1 Den8uml 3191.827 2 kalad's_phantoms_regiment 2902.873 3 George Dixon 2845.649 4 atlap7b 2766.289 5 barigirl78 2645.211
  7. Congrats to @Den8uml for winning finals week! Championship Week Results 1 Den8uml 527.189 2 kalad's_phantoms_regiment 525.000 3 Drumcorpdad62 512.048 4 atlap7b 506.137 5 George Dixon 488.976 6 barigirl78 475.010 7 boxingfred 470.040 8 MidWestfan
  8. Here are the results for finals! FINALS 1 Den8uml 104.726 2 Drumcorpsdad62 103.902 3 atlap7b 101.026 4 barigirl78 93.100 5 kalad's_phantoms_regiment 92.200 6 UnknownLogic 91.938 7 George Dixon 91.363
  9. SEMI-FINALS 1 Den8uml 217.725 2 George Dixon 203.875 3 atlap7b 195.312 4 barigirl78 194.461 5 Drumcorpsdad62 193.801 6 boxingfred 185.750 7 kalad's_phantoms_regiment 179.551 8 MidWestfan 164.386 9
  10. Here are the results from preliminaries! PRELIMINARIES 1 kalad's_phantoms_regiment 253.249 2 MidWestfan 239.574 3 DrumManTx 234.774 4 Musicman1084 218.626 5 Drumcorpdad62 214.345 6 atlap7b 209.799 7 Den8uml 204.738 8
  11. Genesis is added to the entry box. You can either copy and paste the updated entry box or squeeze in Genesis in an existing row like how some others did. I just noticed that Inbhear Mor from Ireland will be performing too. Not sure if they are in exhibition or not. Either way, I won't be adding them to the list since it'll be too late for everyone who made a prediction to add them in. Deadline is 10:00am ET!
  12. *IMPORTANT* Please add Genesis to your predictions. I’ll update the entry boxes as soon as I get to my laptop.
  13. WOW. I can't believe it's already championship week! Even if you haven't participated in the PTR challenge this season, you can still enter a prediction. There will be a winner for each of the three shows and the season champion will be crowned on Saturday! Copy and paste the entries boxes. Only one entry per person. Put all predictions in one post. Here's how it works: Copy the corps from the column on the left and paste it on the right. This will make it much easier on me when I am calculating scores. The deadline for each show entry is before the scheduled start time
  14. I apologize for being so late on this, it's been a rough week for me. Anyways, congrats to @Den8uml for winning yet another week! Sorry for missing week #7. The championship PTR will be up tonight.
  15. Scores have been updated! There's a close battle for 1st with one show remaining for this week. @Den8uml leads @George Dixon by 0.61 points!