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  1. I mean he quite literally was the organizations leadership. He wasn’t going to fire himself. And there wasn’t a functional board. NOW there is a new director and a functional board (and they are still adding to that board) and this is the very quick result. I see this as a very positive move for the corps.
  2. Point of reference- he hasn’t been the executive director since last August. Was a sitting BOD member. Now is not that either. (His wife, who used to be on the board, was not currently)
  3. They now have a new director and a new board and they seem to be on top of things. Very clear response to the posts last night and then this tonight. Good signs from the new administration.
  4. Omg they are literally playing the main motif of Ride of the Valkyries throughout the show. Couldn’t be much clearer. Lol.
  5. Evidently Mandarins are not having a cymbal line either. (Posted on FB) So that just leaves SCV in top 12, and a few more in world class.
  6. Probably their earliest announcement (hint anyway) ever! Cool!
  7. Agreed. I wish it were the case that judges judged the show in front of them, but that never happens. It’s all about last year’s placement for a while. Hopefully it won’t take them too long to figure out. It was certainly pretty obvious to me.
  8. Yep and therein lies a big problem for all involved. I’m continually amazed that this story has remained under wraps- sort of. One of those worst kept secrets type of thing.
  9. Worst response ever. Victim blaming. Tone deaf. Is there no one there with a clue?? After this horrid response the only choice is for the whole BOD to go. My goodness I didn’t realize there could be a whole group of people so incredibly stupid. Come on YEA do better.
  10. Score corrections.
  11. So, what does a drummer say to people at his job? How can you tell if a drummer is knocking at the front door? "Do you want fries with that?" He rushes.
  12. Best guard? Hmmm. I just watched that (live) and thought it was the dirtiest I have ever seen their guard this late. And the dance was particularly awkward. Not a good show for them I thought. To each their own I guess.