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  1. In fact over the past few days Tampa Bay Thunde has announced taking in ATTACK indoor percussion into it's organization, as well as Tropical Brass Theater Sound Sport team, which is still all age.
  2. Haha Mandarins in top 3, Pioneer in top 7 AHEAD of Blue Devils :tongue:/>
  3. This is in no way serious I just looked at scores from tonight and realized something wasn't quite right here.
  4. Everyone has there specific 2013 threads and there wasn't one for the Mandarins. I actually REALLY enjoy this years show. When I first heard it was solely original compositions I was skeptical at first, but their composer did absolutely a fantastic job. (Hats off to you Key Poulan) This years show is the 50th for the Mandarins and they brought their heritage with them to share with the audience. The Mandarins wrote a show everyone can enjoy, on so many levels. Musically, the melodies are fun and easily recognizable, Visually, some really neat stuff is going on, and Emotionally, The Story is one a lot of people can relate too. Plus, the story shows pride in heritage but also tips it's hat to patriotism, as Americans we all can relate to that. Also, The narration doesn't get in the way of the show it or cover up music. Mandarins aren't always the best scoring corps never making it to finals as highest placement being 16th but this is a show that is enjoyable and for 2013 is one of my favorites and I'm excited to see how they progress throughout the year.
  5. Yea I was referring to 2008 as in the Knockout.
  6. It's is honestly one of the best uses of narration since 2008 Bluecoats. Maybe not better but still very nice. Enjoyed the Mandarins show very much this year.
  7. This Show is maybe my favorite so far for 2013
  8. Another Sweep For my corps in Albany, NY Looking good so far :D
  9. Woo My corps swept at Lisle, IL last night xD seeing as they were the only ones at the competition :tongue:/>
  10. Thanks for finding this video, interesting video like the uniforms. Looks like according to the website they are going to apply for open class in 2013 season. Good luck to them!
  11. I say good luck in these day and age when corps are diminishing, It's a good thing to have people starting them up. There are two new open class corps this year, and that's fantastic and I'm excited to see the drum corps activity growing and wish success to them, even if the odds are against them.