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  1. As band camp approaches, please know that we sell the following items at the CROWNSTORE. Our mission, Less Money. More Music. When the time comes to place your first band camp/fall order, please allow me to send you a quote on the following. Marching band shoes guard equipment digital flags and props vic firth and ip drum sticks and keyboard mallets remo drum heads plumes podiums metronomes sound systems, long rangers and speakers pre-owned Yamaha brass and percussion new Yamaha instruments including woodwinds, percussion and brass Vist us at
  2. YAMAHA CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED DRUMS 2012 CAROLINA CROWN Contact Rudy at (803) 547-2270 x107 10 MS-9214CC 14” SFZ Crown Cream Fade with Chrome Hardware 5 MQTLB-680234CC 680234 Multi-Tom, Crown Cream Fade 1 MB-8218 CC12 18” Bass Drum, Crown Cream Fade 1 MB-8220 CC13 20” Bass Drum, Crown Cream Fade 1 MB-8222 CC14 22” Bass Drum, Crown Cream Fade 1 MB-8224 CC15 24” Bass Drum, Crown Cream Fade 1 MB-8228 CC16 28” Bass Drum, Crown Cream Fade 1 MB-8230 CC17 30” Bass Drum, Crown Cream Fade Drums are a custom Carolina CREAM with chrome hardware. CALL FOR PRICING Contact R
  3. The CrownSTORE has (18) 2006 and (2) 2010 Kanstul KMH285 Marching French Horns (Silver) with case for sale. These instruments are in wonderful condition and would make a great addition to any marching band or drum corps. Please contact Rudy Gowern at for pricing and availability.
  4. Cameron, Send me an email and lets see if we can help you out. We have some great pre-owned percussion equipment for sale. You can reach me at Thanks. Rudy Gowern Sales and Marketing Manager The CrownSTORE 803-547-2270 X107
  5. Send me an email and let me know what you need. We have some great pre-owned equipment for sale. Contact me at Thanks. The CrownSTORE
  6. ON SALE NOW! Yamaha Certified DCI Pre-Owned Drums: 2012 Carolina Crown 10 MS-9214 CC 14”SFZ Snare Drum 5 MQTLB-680234 CC Multi Toms 5 RM-100 Carrier spacer (if needed) 5 RM-68 Attaches 6’ 8’ to 10’ and 12” BiPosto carrier only (if needed) 1 MB-8218 CC12 18” Marching Bass Drum 1 MB-8220 CC12 20” Marching Bass Drum 1 MB-8222 CC12 22” Marching Bass Drum 1 MB-8224 CC12 24” Marching Bass Drum 1 MB-8228 CC12 28” Marching Bass Drum 1 MB-8230 CC12 30” Marching Bass Drum Color: Carolina Cream w/ Chrome Hardware CALL FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY The CrownSTORE Rudy Gowern Sal
  7. The CorwnSTORE now has some wonderful pre-owned instruments available for purchase. These instruments where used during the 2012 DCI season. (90 days of usage) All brass instruments include a hard case for added protection and storage. Pre-Owned DCI instruments will be shipped Mid April or After DCI finals depending on the instrument. Place your orders NOW, do not delay, as supplies are limited. Brass Instruments: Yamaha Marching Zeno Trumpet $1600 Yamaha Marching Mellophone $1250 Yamaha Marching Baritone $1625 Yamaha Marching Euphonium $1995 Yamaha Marching Tuba $4150 Percussion Inst