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  1. I feel reluctant to involve myself further into what is becoming a very immature name-calling thread, but I do because I may bear some responsibility. In post 6 of this thread, it is I who used the term in explanation about what was previously said in August, not as an exact quote. And in fact, the actual term I used was "not weapons of war." Please, gentlemen, if this term still applies, in the face of all the world's larger problems, the egos and temper tantrums about all this serves the activity in no positive way. If any are offended because of the way I termed post 6, it was not a deliberate quote of material nor any offense intended, for at that time much of the thread material was jovial and humorous, almost in jest. Let us now move on to solutions rather than name-calling. I will not comment in or about this thread further.
  2. In the face of a lawsuit, the school reversed its position about the teenage girl's tee-shirt and issued the girl an apology. But is George Hopkins off the hook? P.S. Now watch some of the usual perpetually p.o.'ed posters start posting about lawsuits and the like, rather than Garfield's original post.
  3. Interesting read especially a propos this specific thread:
  4. We have agreement. I just didn't know where the sarcasm caption was on the new DCP. This article explains why the lurkers abound on DCP (as witnessed by the view counts) and the posts do not.
  5. Is that a change at Madison with former Carolina Crown DM Blake Daughtrey now Visual Caption Head after being a viz tech there or did I miss his promotion previously? I know Andy Ebert moved there from Crown in '13 and is back again as drill writer.
  6. That is just so 20th century! Get with the times; now we have to interface.
  7. If this was last season, before John Donovan's latest Rules Congress about DCP changes, one would just flip back to old threads and bring up the one from late August/early September concerning the advertisement on the Cadets' web where Hopkins offered for sale the color guard equipment used by the Cadets '13 as not "weapons of war." (Remember now? Much DCP comment followed.) I am presuming that this is what Garfield (ironic pun, no?) is basing any reference of Hopkins upon. N'es pas?
  8. Now this should be interesting! Ah, Perc. You edited it! Make me look like the DOM. HA!
  9. Well played, Garfield. But perhaps you may wish to adapt the thread title to fortune-teller or crystal ball reader. Soothsayer is a chapter in a book by Friedrich Nietzsche from Thus Spoke Zarathustra which has already been claimed by defending champs Carolina Crown if one can still remember August. However, it is also a song by The Mars Volta from The Bedlam in Goliath. Now God knows how much Bedlam in Gotham City and beyond George has caused. The comments on this thread should be priceless!
  10. if my calculations are correct, 250 copies x 100 charge, you are well on your way. Well done.
  11. But of course, Brasso, there was the famous guard of elementary school kids taught by George Zingali, one of his first units. It was sponsored by St. Anthony's parish in Revere, Mass., the same parish both he and George Bonfiglio were buried from. St. Anthony's Imperials out of Everett was a different parish whose guards have seen many great legends, Bruce Leo and Jay Murphy among them. So many Boston parishes, so many duplicating saint names.
  12. Michael: Are you referring to Minnesota or Wisconsin? Garfield: What is a ECMG that you mention? Too many possibilities come up on the web to be certain how to understand you.
  13. I had the opportunity to get to know Steven through his involvement with the Lancers, with his many guards in the EMass and Boston CYO circuits, and through his friendships with drum corps greats such as George Zingali, Peggy Twiggs, Ann Field, Jerry Coradino, and Marc Sylvester. I always found him to be a creative, gentle, and most pleasant person. Quietly he touched many lives directly and through his creative genius. May he now be blessed and rewarded eternally for his goodness.
  14. I too have to agree with Liahona and Corpsband. While it looks nice from afar, it is difficult for me to read because of my trifocals and other eye hassles. The color system of using pastels is distinctly not helpful for reading for us oldsters. Didn't you consult Cesario first or Hopkins tower maker: Visual score: pleasant but not helpful: not the max No instructions given for us non-computer geeks, no pre-warning. That's as bad as giving the rookies the umpteen pages of drill without explaining or teaching the corps' particular marching style or how to read a dot book. So General Effect score on this change: not the max. However, doing away with the penalty caption: EXCELLENT. Too many cowards hung behind the red negs without being man enough to make their opinions known through posts. Some people seemed to be constantly red negged because once a upon a time they criticized a specific corps or voiced a contrary opinion. It became a game that was not worthy of the activity nor the forum. Drum Corps, if anything as a youth activity, supposedly teaches accountability and responsibility. The red neg system was contrary to this.
  15. Moderators, Please close this thread. Thank you, NdP, thread's OP
  16. What prompted me to ask the Sanford vs. DCI ring question was a discussion I was in with some drum corps management people who were dissecting the difference between a) drummers who learned how to drum to be part of the drum corps and b) people who joined drum corps as another opportunity to drum. Some felt answer a was more typical of BITD while answer b was more a contemporary trend.
  17. Must have been with D.A.'s body double as Mr. Acheson was scheduled to be in Madison, WI, USA celebrating the Scouts' 75th with his brothers; he marched there as a hornplayer in the early decade of DCI. I hear it was quite the night!
  18. No Bones about it. I missed that. I am doing my push-ups now.
  19. unresolved issues have you? cf. Garfield. He is very good at making referrals.
  20. another cyber-bully thread hacking? Sad.
  21. Someone on another thread said these recordings are pretty fabulous, except for some early cheering on one. I went to the website and got a bit flummoxed by the geek vocabulary. Are these recordings available in any way for us old geezers who are not as tech savvy or possessing all the latest gadgets and gizmos? One of things I loved about Crown's show this year is how it found such positive resonance across so many generations. Even if the whole show design was not fully understood, even we dinosaurs appreciated that horn line.