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  1. I thought BD had Premiers badged as Yamahas one season, or am I making that up. Slingerland was the sad story of what happens when a family ownership sells to someone who is driven by bottom line without any deep knowledge of the business itself. The product was a little iffy by the late 70s anyway from a quality control standpoint (and the new owners weren't going to invest in new dies or molds to keep up), and by the time the Japanese brands were widely available in the early 80s, there was no reason to look at Slingy. That being said, now that DW owns the Slingerland brand, I'm looking forward to the possible re-introduction of some iconic 30s/40s/50s product, the same way Rogers' owner is slowly rolling out some quality boutique pieces.
  2. The tubs they've been playing the last few seasons (their own branded gear) was not exactly top of the line, and their staff was fine with it. Ludwig's drums are "me too's" the same way that Dynasty was (BD played them as well), so there shouldn't be any issues. Plus, reef down a Kevlar head and tape the snares, and they're all pretty much the same from 20 yards away. Plus, no no one's sacrificing anything to get Musser's instruments. It's a good move for Conn Selmer and for BD as well, as it saves some face following the implosion of their hardware division.
  3. System Blue was selling hard goods (horns and drums) as well. The horn company in China they'd been using just shut their doors, so that avenue was dead. It's a good move for Conn Selmer, to be sure, and it'll be good to see the Ludwig logo on the field again.
  4. It would. And if DCI was in a position to do anything about it they would. At the same time, it's worth realizing that calling the hotline to report first-hand claims about someone who is either dead or no longer actively involved wouldn't trigger anything in the way of actiont, so it's dubious as to the value of such a call.
  5. That's when it would escalate to the DCI level. You'll notice that in the "hypothetical' (ahem) situation cited, that the Corps Director is no longer the corps director of that particular organization. In fact, I'd guess that if a situation like that happened, than DCI's other members would move to remove the ED/CD from any position of responsibility within DCI. But that's all hypothetical, of course.😎
  6. DCI says that because the WC corps all have whistleblower hotlines themselves, and in every corps I know of, the complaint goes to Board level review, it doesn't go to the ED or Corps Director directly or exclusively. That being said, DCI should require that Board review be part of the process for every member corps, if they don't already. If a corps member feels that their notification either wasn't heard or wasn't taken seriously, they have the option to elevate it to the DCI level - something that would have been necessary in the case of Hopkins' old YEA Board of sycophants. There have been efforts made at the corps level to get the corps members to understand that the whistleblower policies are in place for issues where health and safety are in danger, and not because a member is unhappy because a corps ran out of bananas at the breakfast table (something that actually happened). But compared to 5 or 6 years ago, when very few corps had any sort of whistleblower policies in place, this is a sea change in terms of oversight from the Boards of the various corps.
  7. There has been one in place for several years now.
  8. Not that big on 93 BD, but 91 is under-appreciated.
  9. Unpopular opinion - of the top three shows, the 3rd place show design holds up best today.
  10. Perspective would include the info that traffic accidents, for example, aren't contagious. Driving by an accident and gawking doesn't automatically make anyone who saw the accident a high risk for causing an accident themselves, which would only cause even more people to have accidents. This is a highly contagious air-borne and surface borne virus with a long incubation period in which people who have been infected feel nothing, while they're out there spreading the virus to others. When it kicks in, the fatality rate for those over the age of 30 is approaching 5% in this country - magnitudes more deadly than the routine flu (which has a short incubation period, and usually sidelines the victim before they can cause others to become infected). Add in that crashing the health care system will result in other deaths as patients can't get care for more run of the mill illnesses and accidents. The way out of the situation is through quarantining and allowing the thing to run its course in as small a way as possible, not by saying "well, you're gonna die of something anyway", which is the underpinnings of the denier camp's position.
  11. Sorry, I may not have been clear enough. DCI,or the corps, entering the new season with next to nothing in the bank won't work. Raising enough money so that there's a healthy operating fund to re-build all brands involved will involve extra expenses over past models. I also suspect that the 2021 housing costs all summer long are going to shoot up over what they have been in the past. DCI and the corps have already had to start using hotel rooms for some shows in some locations, and if that continues to grow, as a factor, it's not unreasonable to think that every corps will see a significant cost increase for the new year that will have to be supported elsewhere than tour fees, since most corps will be hard pressed to raise their fees for next year for kids who are already contracted.
  12. ..and an entire summer's worth of revenues. Shows, parades, hosted contests, merchandise sales; everything. Not being on tour saves some expenses, but at the cost of all guaranteed revenues. $12 million to keep it going and put everyone PLUS DCI in a position to be financially sound going into the new year.
  13. If 20% of those eligible notify corps that they won't be coming back, that still leaves more than half of the available spots taken, vs 100% of all spots being up for competition in a regular year. Those who view themselves as being weak as best will opt out, unless the corps can come up with a radically different approach to what the fall camps are supposed to be about.
  14. Except that audition revenues are going to be depressed. Significantly. With many corps keeping a spot every kid contracted for next year, there will be a finite number of openings, so I wouldn't be surprised to see audition numbers halved or worse from previous years, and audition camp revenues are how most corps get through the first few months of the new season. Figure that there are 30 to 35 existing organizations, who'll need anywhere from $50k to $300k each to get through the end of this calendar year and make sure they can cover their rent/utilities/skeleton staff, etc. Behemoths like SCV and BD are going to be missing potentially hundreds of thousands of Bingo income over the next 9 months, and if those two are going to be facing problems, everyone else is going to be facing Biblical famines. As for DCI, it's quite possible that without a half million to million in loans/grants/gifts in the next three months, they might have to fold up this summer, and that's after letting a majority of the staff go this week. The point isn't to survive enough to walk into the new season as an emaciated child with whooping cough; it's to be strong enough to enter the new season fully prepared for battle.
  15. My understanding is that the voting membership agreed to take that question up down the line, after they've had time to consider the options. In any case, this type of "what about ME???!!!" bull___ at the point in time when the leaders of the entire activity needs to figure out how to survive the next 12 months is the epitome of self-centeredness. They'll get to the 18 year olds, in good time. I would argue that if those who are currently contracted and have more than one year left really care about the fate of the activity, that they start figuring out how to raise about $12,000,000 this summer to sustain it, because that's on the very low end of what it's going to take to keep everyone going until next spring.