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  1. Looking/hearing at what's happening behind the scenes right now, expect most of the changes to be at the admin level rather than staff levels. Regiment's already out with news of a hire at CEO, and a few current EDs or Corps Director positions are open (quietly or not). Room for new blood, for those interested in doing some research and finding out who's looking.
  2. If they're not learning that making something better because it has room to be better is its own reward, then we (the activity) are doing a lousy job of instilling the true value of the work. Fortunately, I don't think that is true; they know that if the show can be tweaked to make it more effective, or a moment focused on to clean it up, then it's worth doing. As for the scoring, the best corps could take any change in standards we want to throw at them and still excel, so while I'd like to find ways to make it easier for corps in the 13-20 spots to become championship contenders in a few years, they're gonna have to make that commitment on their own, if that's really what they see as their end goal.
  3. Demonstrating a complete lack of experience or knowledge about how the world of rights works. If the rights holders say "no", their word is the law, literally. BTW, the guys who ran companies like Fleetwood, where they made a profit off the corps' performances and paid nothing, were a prime element in the decision of the major corps to create DCI.
  4. They're following good science, in this case. The new variant poses more risks, and while it'd be great to know that every sentient person over the age of 12 is vaccinated, hence relatively low risk, we don''t have that world, unfortunately.
  5. Cavaliers have a top 3 brass line with a bottom 3 guard and visual program. I know it's a Mulligan of a year, but their visual folks made little apparent effort to challenge the members. Disappointing, considering that visual 'wow' moments are their hallmark.
  6. Cavaliers' energy level up a notch over last night. Horn line is still very competitive at the top tier, percussion is top 6 assuming BD and SCV are in the mix. Visual program, however.....(yeah, I know it's an exhibition year, but c'mon, someone clearly didn't know that there was supposed to be a third number in the show and forgot to come up with anything before these guys went to camp).
  7. It's there, about 2 minutes worth of the program. It's a year about fun, and this show has it. Bass drum feature in Sing Sing Sing just outstanding.
  8. I thought the shows were well chosen for the format, and there was enough "this year" to have it make sense for what it was - a marketing tool. Duh. DCI and the participating corps are using this year as make up for last summer and a soft-launch for next season. In terms of "the health of the activity", well, that's where all of us who aren't marching come in. We're who keeps this thing going for the current members, not DCI. If legacy fans, especially, step up with their participation at shows and their financial support, the activity will be fine.
  9. You were never paying into a retirement account for yourself, you were always paying for the people then on SS (your parents or grandparents). This is not new information. No problems getting the PPP converted into a grant for my business either. Guess my accountant and attorney are stupid compared to others'. 😆
  10. That's because you can read. 😎 BTW, in case the "protester" is concerned, I started marching drum corps 1 year after DCI was established, and have been involved as a performer, instructor, Board member, consultant for various corps, etc, pretty much every year since then. I don't want to see 1975 drum corps again, I don't want to see 1987 drum corps again, same with 1999, 2004, and 2016 - the activity if for THE MEMBERS, and no 18 year old wants to play on a rotary/valve horn or double tenor drums or do some golden moldie show just because Grampa Ted thinks that's when it was "real drum corps." Also, no one will be using woodwinds this year, since that allowance was shut down cold this past winter at the member meetings about the season.
  11. One of the byproducts of aging is that humans start to get pissy about the idea that the world will keep moving even when they shuffle off. 😎
  12. And if you don't, you'll leave, and someone else will be there to take your place. Comme ci comme ça - it's just the way of the world. As for this season, look for a lot of corps using traditional uniforms, no woodwinds, limited to no props, and 10 to 13 minute shows with possible concert numbers. Also look for as many people who are allowed to be in the stadium on Saturday night to be there to support the members - kids who still believe in drum corps even if some older fans don't.
  13. Don't assume that the world is the same, fiscally, for all organizations. The midwest corps have a tendency to be the most fiscally conservative, and if they think they can do a regional show season without bankrupting themselves, I'd tend to assume they know what they're doing. California isn't Illinois or Ohio when it comes to getting to Indy.
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