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  1. It will never be outside again. Too much design work goes into it being in a domed venue, and DCI couldn't afford the hit of a rainout. If they were to look at indoor only locations, Atlanta/Indy/Vegas could make for a fun set, though I'd be scared to see how much Mercedes Benz could cost for three days given what it costs for just one at DCI East.
  2. What's the cost of doing business in Silicon Valley vs the cost of doing business in Madison, Wisconsin or Rockford, Illinois? Comparable? Yeah, not too much. DCI (aka "the corps") could look at some caps on capital expenditures to help keep the playing field somewhat level (a line array set of speakers costs more or less the same anywhere you go), but occupancy, staff costs, touring/bus charters, etc, are costs that are somewhat out of the corps' control. Even then that could become problematic, as some high visibility corps have sponsorship deals that offer them better pricing on equipment than some others (and good for them!), but that could get sucked into any sort of expenditure cap. In the end, these are independent charities with their own Boards of Directors and their own capacity to fundraise and hire. Nothing's stopping a poor but incredibly intelligent set of individuals currently working in Open Class or the lower ranks of World Class from putting together a team that can revolutionize the activity with better ideas and top level performance; effective ideas and solid teaching doesn't really cost that much more than average teaching and not-good design. Not every problem goes back to money.
  3. Each division can and should have their own budget, but US Bands is included in YEA's financials.
  4. First year being at prelims, I'm guessing. The percentage reflects how many of their attempts succeeded, though the OP is incorrect on a few of them (Boston didn't show up to Whitewater 72, and neither did Colt 45's).
  5. They should be, but they aren't. DCI does require that they meet certain OSHA requirements, but there's no formal inspection process when it comes to the quality of the construction, etc. That will probably change by next year.
  6. You dislike talented performers from other countries performing in an 'international' competition format? Ok....
  7. They think they can do better, in other words?
  8. 90% of the members are involved in the visual score (perhaps 100, if you want to count the pit). 70% of the members are involved in the music score. If more of the members are part of the visual score, it makes sense that the visual captions would have at least as much impact on the final number as the musical elements.
  9. Yes, it is. Some corps consistently finish in the top six or seven, everyone else does not. Those who finish in the top six or seven consistently are more desirable to show sponsors than those who don't. Prove the thesis wrong by promoting a show with no top six finishers and see how you do compared to a TOC show. So no houses will come tumbling, because anyone who isn't a fool will recognize that the entertainment world has headliners and opening acts. Drum corps is no different, except that the headliners agree to be paid at the same scale as the opening acts, which doesn't happen anywhere else.
  10. In other words, you're acknowledging that certain corps have more market value than others and that placement is a determining factor, which is exactly the opposite of your earliest opinion on the matter. So if some corps have more market value than others, and yet they still agree to perform for fees that are below their market value, they are, in point of fact, subsidizing the other corps and DCI by agreeing to perform for less than their value. Glad we agree.
  11. Well, tell ya what, when presto chango the 9th through 18th place corps next year are opening the year kicking tail and taking names from the existing top 6 or 7 corps, your framing will have some credence. Until then, those of us here on planet Earth know that the top six corps mid point through next season will likely be most or all of the current top six.
  12. And yet you strenuously object to the idea that corps with winning track records have more market value than those who aren't competitive. 😎
  13. In a word, no. The Vanguard member experience is on a different plane from where PR is these days. As for the rest of PR's reported moves, they need an artistic re-set and re-design, not a return to 2000's programming - these moves are exactly the opposite approach. Oh well, not my circus, not my monkeys.
  14. DCI's product is the corps, not the other way around. The office in Indy recognizes as much as anyone that the most consistently competitive corps are the biggest draw, which is why their TOC compromise continues without much whimpering from anyone else. They don't complain because they need to find some way to keep those corps who could demand more from show sponsors ameliorated by the TOC payouts.
  15. 2014 BD Bloo Cadets SCV Crown Cavaliers 2015 BD Crown Bloo Cadets SCV BK 2016 Bloo BD Crown SCV Cavaliers Cadets 2017 BD SCV Crown Cavaliers Bloo Cadets 2018 SCV BD Bloo Crown Boston Cavaliers 2019 BD Bloo SCV Crown Cavaliers Boston Six seasons, and four corps have been in the top six group every year, five have been there five out of six times. One corps getting in there twice in a row doesn't negate the truth that the previous season's top corps are very likely to be much the same year after year, and the financial reality that for show sponsors, a year where they have 3 or 4 top eight corps is a better gate than a year in which they have no top corps. The corps at the top of the competitive ladder bring more market value to bear than those who aren't.