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  1. BD doesn't want a shortened season at all, and SCV has their own reasons for not wanting to move forward with anything in 21. Both made the right decisions for them. Everyone else, especially those located in the midwest, aren't them. One size really doesn't fit all.
  2. Neither can afford much of anything without significant Bingo income. Bingo first, or no drum corps.
  3. Based on THEIR reality. SCV's financial and local realities are going to be different than some of the other corps out there, and DCI's proposal allows each member to work at a level that they feel is productive and comfortable and safe, for the members as we as the organizations themselves. Bluntly, with the upheavals and challenges at SCV recently, their best route might have always been to take a year and regroup anyway. They made the right decision for them.
  4. Pretty sure any person who has been drugged and then raped wouldn't consider it "a misdeed."
  5. Single gunshot to the head. There are enough strange details to the incident that it doesn't need any embellishing. Willam S Burroughs shooting his wife in the head during a drunken "William Tell" game, on the other hand, is absolutely true. Not sure which corps he went on to work with after that.
  6. The YEA BoD, such as it is, understands that fully. When there's no path toward solvency for them, they can close up, stiff the creditors, and call an end to the GH era altogether.
  7. Especially when the turnip's only reliable source of revenues are now the provenance of another organization in Concord, California. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. He'll announce it as a vindication of a "misunderstanding", no doubt.
  9. Plead guilty to indecent assault. Minor fine ($5,000), and no jail time.
  10. So it passes, and the businesses in question just shut down and no one gets their refund AND the businesses aren't around post Covid. THAT would accomplish a lot.
  11. Considering this was the time when their leadership also wasn't submitting annual 990 forms to the IRS, which led to their suspension from DCI for a year, I sense a pattern of poor choices. Re: Cavaliers 2003, it was on a different plane from every other show that year, and was probably the most complete of their 2000-2006 programs. BD 2003 looked dated five minutes after it concluded. No offense to BD folks, but it felt like judges had a governor on what they were willing to give Rosemont in hopes that someone could help break up the win streak.
  12. To be clear, Bridgespan is a consulting org for NPOs, not a foundation themselves. They charge for their consulting services to charities. That being said, DCI (the organization owned by the member corps) should be aggressively seeking outside eyes to help them figure out what a future can look like, as the current eyes looking at the problem are cruising at 5,000 feet, rather than having the 35,000 foot viewpoint needed. If getting some sort of relationship started with a Bain investment (which is the extent of Bain's position with Varsity) led to additional opportunities for outside exp
  13. Half a mil to give up the level of control and lose possible existing partner relationships for the major corps would be a non-starter. It's not that much cash over a 3 or 4 year period, and the value of the equipment partnerships some of them already have can't be bought that cheaply. Let them do what they want with SoundSport, and none of the WC corps will notice one way or another. Let them try and horn in on the control of DCI by waving a checkbook, and they'll find out most of the longer-standing corps have little interest in handing any control to a company whose financial backers