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  1. The former assistant corps director from Boston is now in the same position at Cadets - if he's able to help facilitate camps in his area, more power to them. Florida for winter camps makes sense for the east coast corps, the same way Texas makes sense for some corps in the central/north region.
  2. I would tend to agree. I also wonder if, in spinning off Cadets, the marquee-name in the YEA portfolio, they might have made it more difficult to reach a successful BK settlement if the creditors see the move as having damaged the long term viability of YEA to actually raise enough revenues to satisfy any proposed Chapter 11 repayments. Interesting times.
  3. By who? Varsity? They could create their own circuit free from the baggage that comes along with anything Hopkins ever touched. I mean, really - why would Bain want a high school band circuit founded and operated by an "allegedly" aggressive sexual predator? Maybe I'll be proven wrong on this, and someone will pay YEA half a million or more for an asset whose book value, based on recent performance, is likely fairly small. But I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  4. They're not going to get high six figures for US Bands. Most likely, they file Chapter 11, try to shed most of the debt that has built up, and continue USB for a few years hoping they can turn it into a self-standing business. There's no need for them to be non-profit, per se, for the reasons cited previously (individuals have no reason to support it, and corporations and foundations aren't looking to give money to concert promoters, which is what they functionally would be). I'm not sure there's a viable path forward for YEA without the drum corps that justifies their existence as an umbrella company for anything else.
  5. Must suck to be the owner of the baseball club who has to let people see the game for free because of inequity. 😎
  6. True equality would mean that the reverse can also thus be true.
  7. Most of the corps have some sort of scholarship or member assistance programs for kids who have the talent, but not the money.
  8. They are DEFINITELY a 'class of people' who have been discriminated against in drum corps. There's no way to argue otherwise. They are, in fact, the ONLY real group (along with bad drummers and bad guard people) who have been discriminated against BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY ARE - to wit, bad horn players. Drum corps says "we'll take you and you and you....but YOU, bad horn player, NO, you can't join." By definition, that is 'discrimination."
  9. I think you missed something in the mission statement. Just as I don't believe that there's anything wrong with gay chambers of commerce, the Girl Scouts, or the VFW, I don't have a problem with private institutions setting their own definitions of what qualifies an individual for membership. Guess I'm ok with letting other people live their own lives of their own choosing.
  10. "Oppressors!" 😎 The Cavaliers are a boy band, not an "educational institution". If being all-male is the vibe they want to roll with, it's no more or less significant than any of the girl groups pictured, and makes absolutely no difference to anyone else's lives.
  11. Feh - Big G, I suspect you know enough about how companies like Bain operate to know that once they've sold you the potato, they've puffed it up enough to make you overpay, while they move on to the next target, and you're not going to outgame them by getting them interested again. . Varsity themselves will be on the block in the next 3 to 5 years, if they're not already.
  12. US Bands is, right now, a damaged asset, both because of their connection to the whole Hopkins regime and because of their underperformance the last few seasons. And if the purpose of acquiring USB for Varsity would be to drive soft goods sales (which is their model in Cheer), the number of participants would be key to success, and I’m not sure band directors will have the same feeling raising funds for their band to turn around and put it into a program that is ultimately, a money-making scheme for a venture capital group whose sole interest in their members is because they’re prospects for buying Varsity made and sold apparel. That being the case, the spectre of Varsity’s interest seems a little more wishful thinking than brass tacks, but we’ll see what we see.
  13. Varsity is backed by Bain Capital. Their aim is to try to dominate the high school cheer market, having vertical integration of all elements (costumes, t-shirts, shoes, etc). Cheerleading is the perfect medium for them. Band is more complicated, but has some potential if they can find a way to pull all of the elements together.
  14. Doubtful Varsity is interested in US Bands given USB's connection with YEA. Why bother buying something from an org who has no visible means of support? Wait for them to crash, then start up your own circuit free from the detritus.