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  1. Slingerland

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Highly unlikely that Elvord was brought in without the input of the Exec Director and Corps Director. If so, than who would have hired him? The Board that you guys also despise? I hope for the current members' sake that the corps next year has a better product, but man, there's never really been a corps whose alums do a worse job of acting like public ambassadors for their brand than Madison's.
  2. Slingerland

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Out of curiosity, should every other corps who didn't make Finals this year be firing their leadership too? Is that the only metric of success? The ED doesn't choose the program design, the program design team does, and all of those people from 2018 ARE gone, replaced by a bunch of 1970s/80s drum corps people (that should make the alums happy...until it doesn't) and a few promising 20-somethings joining the team. It's an unusual approach, but not a predictable one, and for that, the ED and CD probably deserve at least a little leeway in order for their hiring decisions to play out.
  3. Slingerland

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    DCI didn't hire him to be the CD at the Troopers. The Troopers BOD did. DCI doesn't hire (or direct to be hired) individuals who work for the corps.
  4. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    A background check will NOT discover patterns of sexually inappropriate comments, racist jibes, having sexual relationships with adult marching members, etc. None of that rises to the level of criminal activity, so even if known, would not wind up on a background check. As previously suggested, the only way to really clean out the stables will be to have the corps start talking to each other, with any prospective employee's permission, about their behavior at any previous gig. This will require that prospective staffers sign a waiver allowing their previous employers to disclose whether there were any issues that the prospective hiring org could be concerned about. It doesn't take DCI - it will take the corps and those who want to work with them - to agree that full disclosure and frank discussion is the first step toward cleaning up the ranks of adults who want to work with the members.
  5. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    Genesis published a lengthy response to questions about their staff member under question. It's findable on Reddit. Hard to question the seriousness with which they undertook the process of evaluation, and (for me, anyway) to doubt that they made a decision on that staffer that was reasonable under the circumstances. It's not DCI's primary responsibility to dive deep in background checking individuals hired by each member corps; it's still the corps' responsibilities at this point, until such a time as the member corps give DCI that authority to sign off on that individual and own responsibility for their actions - which any attorney DCI would hire will tell them is a terrible idea, given the inability of DCI to be monitoring and managing individual staff members on a day to day basis. Ultimate responsibility will always be at the individual corps level. DCI can institute policies designed to provide guidance and standards, but it will be up to each corps and their Boards of Directors to maintain oversight. People want to drain a "swamp"? Put pressure on the corps who are hiring the swamp monsters, and be prepared to have solid intel to back up your claims.
  6. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    The investigation and interviews/meetings with their staff started several weeks before the end of the season. For the final weeks of the season, DCI was monitoring the situation in real time to make sure that there were no further violations.
  7. Slingerland

    NEW DCI Board of Directors

    Properly built Boards are there to watch guard the corporation and sometimes save the shareholders from shooting themselves in the foot. Outside perspective is a key component of the ability to be objective in supporting the paid Exectives in their pursuit of best practices and strongest growth. DCI has tried it the co-op route for the last 47 years, the net result being that as a business, they're laughably small given the impact the work presented has on the larger music education community worldwide. A board made up of interested individuals who know the activity but who have real-world experience driving large businesses (not small non-profits) will be much more useful in getting the screws turning and generating revenues than the current "PTO board" makeup. There should be a separate rules committee board for the corps execs to argue about competition rules (which are, and should be, of no interest to the corporation Board), and leave the real Board to focus on revenue growth and strategic partnerships, something the current model apparently has no interest in pursuing.
  8. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    Don't bother. The white-hot rush of believing yourself morally or ethically superior is powerful, and makes people impervious to facts that would lessen the buzz.
  9. Slingerland

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    There will be people who'll step up to offer, much as happened at YEA, and I'd imagine that DCI will work with them to put together a realistic plan for re-launch. The BOD would presumably select a new Corps Director.
  10. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    Not at all. I'm laying out the factual timeline of the situation that led directly to Pioneer's suspension. If anyone had hard information that should have led to Pioneer being suspended prior to the season and failed to act on alerting DCI to their information, that would seem to make them complicit in allowing it go on.
  11. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    He knew DCI was meeting with his staff to verify concerns related to member safety and general tour operations back in July. He was aware that they were keeping an eye on him from then through the end of their tour. He knew he was suspended from further DCI activities on August 16. The story broke August 23. Those are your answers.
  12. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    DCI began their investigation in July, following reports from the members. That's not being reactive to the press, but to the situation, as they should be.
  13. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    Yes, Acheson did. DCI suspended them a week ago. The reporter contacted Roman Blenski earlier this week according to her Tweets, then believed him when he told her that DCI hadn't communicated with Pioneer their suspension, which was a lie. DCI's response followed their own internal investigation in the last weeks of the season, and the decision was made to allow the members to play out the year, with Pioneer knowing full well they were under a microscope, before handing down the suspension.
  14. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    That's pretty much the model I've heard discussed, though without any directors on the business board. Let the corps directors discuss rules for competition, and the business board drive the long-term vision re: financial growth.
  15. Slingerland

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    Totally in the 2010s, my friend. Have you contacted the Board for the corps where you have evidence that they're employing someone whose past should disqualify them? Have you done it using your name so that they can contact you for more information as to the specifics? If you've done this, and gotten no response, then absolutely, escalate it to DCI along with the evidence you have that this person(s) are well-known to be problems to the activity and be prepared to back it up. The reality is that DCI's operational structure WAS designed in the 70s. If you'd read the post, you'd have seen that I personally think it's in need of an overhaul. But realists work with the world as is, and DCI's ability to hunt down undesirable elements from the activity and get rid of them by fiat is much more limited than the pitch fork brigade ($1 to Garfield) would want to believe. It is primarily THE INDIVIDUAL CORPS' responsibility to make sure that everyone working with them is someone who doesn't bring baggage to the room, and to fully investigate the people they're hiring. I've suggested before that everyone seeking staff positions sign a document that lists their former employers in the drum corps, band, and scholastic world and giving their potential new employer the right to ask their previous employers detailed questions about that individuals time on staff, including passing on information that would indicate a problem recognizing boundaries with the members, volunteers, and other staff members. Right now, most states' employment regulations severely limit a company's ability to seek out this information, because it could be seen to be defamatory. Even more to the point, a criminal background check (which most corps run on every hire) will not turn up some of the information that would prove useful - for example, if a staff member has a history of hitting on or having relationships with adult members of his or her previous corps: that behavior wouldn't be breaking any laws, but could be seen as violations of ethical protocols that would put up a red flag. Do the corps do this now? No, because in most states, they can't. But this activity should aim to hold up a higher standard and those who want to teach in this activity should know that their behavior on staff will be open for discussion for any new corps they want to work with. If you want to change something you start by being proactive, not by being retributive.