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  1. You really have no clue on this. DCI has already had to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars (literally) to satisfy the demand of copyright holders on their old streaming services, the very same services you cite. The Flo agreement puts safeguards in place to make sure that DCI can't, at this point, be considered directly liable for violations, and they are very proactive in telling the member corps to help them protect themselves and the activity by policing online streaming of copyrighted content. If you want to 'follow the money', you can do so right to the bank accounts of Tresona, Universal, and Sony. Try to trace it to DCI and you'll have a very short afternoon of it.
  2. Cavaliers right now are lacking in the visual department. The visual program's not much from a design standpoint, and the execution isn't notable. If they could do something/anything to clean it and sharpen it, there's bleed in every other caption (but especially GE). Clean up the look of the show, and they'd have an outside shot at 5th.
  3. I actually look at their relative success competitively these days as a minor miracle given the upheavals behind the scenes in the last two years. Not sure there's anything to be 'righted' just now except for them, as an organization, to continue to focus on stabilizing their finances and personnel, and provide the members with a safe, productive summer.
  4. They have a competitive horn line and book, a serviceable battery and guard line and book (and an exceptional front ensemble), and a 7th to 9th place visual design. The program started out strong in the California performances, but seems to have stalled a little as the others just above them have tightened down the execution screws and boosted GE. They're not totally baked into 6th place yet, but they're going to have to do something hard and fast if they want to get into the conversation with Crown and Boston.
  5. I might be misremembering (and those who were around Rosemont in '92, please feel free to correct me), but I think the '92 visual program was somewhat designed by committee, due to Brubaker's advancing illness, with Gaines being one of the contributors, as a recent age-out. Brubaker's influence as a designer continued on with The Cavaliers for decades, as almost everyone up until the current vis designer had experience performing his work. Sadly, the type of work that was being produced by the Brubaker school of designers was considered old fashioned by the mid 2010's, so now Cavaliers look like pretty much everyone else out there - running from grouping to grouping, with no care given to how they get from set to set, which was really what Brubaker and his proteges did well. Oh well, at least Cavaliers have a great hornline again, so there's that.
  6. All of the percussion and sound effects on top of Fire of Eternal Glory does this show no favors. Art sometimes means knowing when not to do something.
  7. Then you don't understand copyright law.
  8. Take it for what it's worth, but a friend's son (also gay) has been marching with Cavaliers for a couple of years, and has nothing but good things to say about the culture and how comfortable he feels there. Things change.
  9. As pointed out, the Madison BOD evaluated the decision and voted to implement the policy. Most corporations and non-profits work that way, btw - a CEO proposes action, the BOD discusses, and in a great majority of the cases, agrees with the proposal. It doesn't make those boards "rubber stamp", it makes them functioning normally.
  10. 4th time seeing SCV, twice live. Not sure I'm 'getting' anything deep in it, but I like the fact that I want to look for it. And then there's that percussion line.
  11. Bloo is easy to get, easy to love. Very professionally produced and well performed. Not sure there's much depth, but maybe they won't need it this year.
  12. To be fair, when that chestnut gets produced today, it's usually called "12 Angry Jurors" and they do use mixed gender casts. But the larger point that artists retain the right to present their work with any underlying baggage or resonances they want stands. If Crossmen decided to go all female next year because they thought it would be a better way to distinguish themselves, it wouldn't concern me a whit, same as Madison's decision matters not at all. Everyone can just do them.