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  1. Ours was the 1975 World Open. We plain sucked that night. Came in 5th maybe. Then came roaring back at CYO to beat everyone but Scouts. We made up about 5-6 points on everyone. Think we were a point or so behind Scouts. That was the first show we seen Madison that year. Would have been very interesting at Philly if not for the DQ. Don Warrens obsession the whole year getting Chachos seen to that. Set up from beginning of season. Oh well. Memories
  2. Muchachos were never a feeder corp for Cabs Thats like going from being the Beatles to the Osmonds Chachos were gods compared to Cabs
  3. Hate the song. Whats wrong with that? Your just another “dont say anything bad” guy that gets offended by someone elses opinion. You like danny boy, I hate it. Such is life
  4. I cringe every time I hear that song. 27 must have played that song for 27 years. God does that suk
  5. Heres a solution. End it all now. Shows dont connect with people. Most people stand up because their kid is in it, or they remember seeing how crowds USE to go crazy at shows and its an automatic response. When u need bull horns and microphones to explain what a show is about, or 10 trucks coming onto the field to set up the endless uneeded junk, or most people in the stands scratching tgeir heads wondering what the show was about, along with atleads a hundred more things i can think of that have adversely affected the activity, i say its time to bury it and have ur memories of better times to
  6. Too old but would have loved to have marched Garfield 84. Love that show
  7. Today if im at a show, i stand up to hit the mens room. In the hey day my bladder would explode, and my voice would b scratchy from cheering so loud. I stand up now to stretch Sad, but true
  8. As a member of the 75 chachos, i was stunned at the drop off in 76. I went to a show in upstate NY to see some of my brothers that stayed with them, and i got misty seeing the perfirmance. It was terrible. OTL was different but same show as 75 thereafter. NOt even remotely performed tge same way. It was sad man. Dead and buried
  9. I loved the world open. Huge crowds. Tons of corps. Anyone remember the inspection line, the ready line, and starting line? I remember being behind the "selden cadets" and in front of St Roccos. SAying OMG! Great show