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  1. If YOU read the whole Facebook post, he said both things. And with that, I'm done πŸ™‚
  2. I agree with your statement. I disagree with the public perception.
  3. Actually he said he would take the post down. He then decided not to take it down until he received clarification amongst other reasons. "Although I initially stated that I would remove the post, I did not because I was looking for clarification from DCI and because I understood that removing the post at that point would be a meaningless gesture as it had already been shared over four different social media platforms by a variety of drum corps influencers."
  4. I just looked. There are phone numbers clearly visible. I didn't see any email addresses listed.
  5. Stu asked someone to confirm if emails were posted. I told him where I saw them. It's not for me to decide if he was right or wrong in posting them. I was only providing info.
  6. He included 2 emails (one from Dan, one from Dave) in a Facebook post he made on January 16th at 11:55am.
  7. Totally understand what you mean regarding the finances. The comment I made was based on what I read from the former director.
  8. (1) This seems like a reasonable compromise. And correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't there something like this (director gone) a part of a potential reinstatement of Pioneer (prior to their ban)? Let the review continue and if they pass muster, great! If they don't, at least the opportunity was allowed. (2) Would they even be able to, financially? The impression I got was that finances were tight. They were counting on money from an increased membership. And it appears the corps relied, in part, on the personal finances of the former director.
  9. The phrase "in before closed" seems appropriate now.
  10. Barneveld

    Helen Keohane Taylor RIP

    Such a sad day for the Crusaders Family. Rest in sweet peace, Helen. Until we meet again.....
  11. Barneveld

    Class Action lawsuit

    You do not have it correct. The original poster posed a hypothetical question that specifically refers to the 2019 season.
  12. Enough! Make your own topic. Moderators please this has nothing to do with the topic!
  13. That explains so much! πŸ˜‚
  14. Barneveld

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    On January 8, 2019, in News The Boston Crusaders rang in the new year with our first production camp; returning brass and percussion members reported to Lakewood Ranch HS, along with all three 2019 drum majors. An exciting weekend of drum corps unfolded, culminating with a Sunday afternoon ensemble performance of the 2019 show music. Both the brass and percussion received music the week prior to the camp and did excellent work preparing the challenging material. At the end of the Friday night block, Executive Director Chris Holland gave a 45 minute organizational overview which included the zero tolerance policies and key areas of safety and conduct. The organization is committed to on field and off field excellence, thus the highest of standards apply to members, staff, and adults at all times. Saturday was intensive drum corps from start to finish. The visual team obtained baseline fitness metrics on all brass members, worked on marching techniques, and spent considerable time on movement and choreography. We welcomed back Brady Sanders, and are excited to have added Lin Daffron and Max Applegate to the visual and movement staff. Meanwhile, Dr. Vivien Tucker began individual health assessments on members. Thanks to Assistant Corps Director and Lakewood Ranch Band Director, Ron Lambert, ample dedicated volunteers were onsite to ensure the weekend ran smooth and efficient. We were also very grateful to have Gina Hagopian present to coordinate and assemble a fantastic kitchen crew. Operations and administrative team members – Jack Kaplan, Mike Pfeil, MaryMason McWhorter – also used the weekend to plan Texas production camp logistics and move-in/tour travel and housing projects. Our design team, caption managers, drum majors, assistant corps director, and executive director will participate in the DCI annual meetings this week in Indianapolis from January 10 – 13, where the focus will be on safety, health, & wellness. Over 350 people from the drum corps community will be present over the four days, and we are looking forward to representing BAC. Our next production camps are February 8-10 for brass and percussion and March 15-17 for brass only at The Colony High School in Dallas, TX. We will return to Lakewood Ranch for our April 26-28 production camp and Family & Friends performance.
  15. Barneveld

    TOC - Chester 2019

    I was only answering the question. I didn't say I endorse the walking option. Next time I won't bother to reply.