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  1. "Join us on May 16th for a day of fundraising and celebrating everything that makes the Boston Crusaders great. While we may not be “moving in” at Castleton this weekend, Crusader Nation will join together over a series of watch parties, exclusive content, and a live stream featuring special guests! Without a summer tour, we are asking our family, friends, alumni, and fans to rise up to ensure a successful return to the field in 2021. This year, Giving Day will replace our important annual campaign and help close our $500,000 gap in lost summer revenue. Most importantly though, this is a
  2. Bridging the generations and the distance, members of two pivotal years of the Boston Crusaders had the unique opportunity to connect over the weekend. On Saturday night, the 80th Anniversary corps consisting of our current 2020 members, and the 50th Anniversary Corps (alumni from the 1990 corps) met over Zoom for a unique history night. With notable alumni......... and many more in attendance, both corps enjoyed an evening of storytelling, nostalgia, and celebration of all things BAC. As the 1990 alumni traded stories of old rivalries, nicknames, and memorable moments on the road, the 20
  3. Thanks for the update! I appreciate it!!
  4. 90% is an impressive number! It's early and things sometimes come up. I hope that those who have already committed to Cadets 2021 are able to follow through and march. Wishing them the best. A couple of questions if I may, George...... Will they be doing these virtual camps all summer at certain intervals or is this a "one & done"? And was there any kind of update about the "divorce" with YEA and that whole thing? I haven't been following that stuff very closely. Thanks!! And best of luck to the Cadets and all the corps as they navigate unchartered territory.
  5. Under this new management plan, what happens to the alleged debt that exists? I say "alleged" because I have no clue as to the finances of the organization. Best of luck to the Cadets, going forward!!
  6. "Don't make me put you in time out!!"
  7. Boston Crusaders and Inspire Guard are partnering with Stanbury Uniforms this season. For the last several seasons they had partnered with Band Shoppe.
  8. You mean that your last name is not LowBari? 🤣 Explains why I couldn't find you in the phone book.
  9. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. 😉
  10. Indianapolis is a Ticketmaster event. And those are on sale Monday, according to the article.