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  1. If this event does take place in Indy, we might actually see the roof of the Oil Can finally opened (for ventilation purposes).
  2. @Jeff Ream is there any information regarding seating capacity, for Lucas Oil Stadium, in the DCI reopening guidelines that you may have been made aware of?
  3. Just now? hahaha......... Hope you and your family are safe and well.
  5. THE BOSTON CRUSADERS RETURN FOR 2021! On December 4, 2020, in News The Boston Crusaders are fully committed to 2021 live education and programming! While we continue to monitor the rapidly changing pandemic landscape, we are confident that we can gather live and get back to creating an educational experience for our membership, while providing thrilling entertainment for our fans in June of 2021. Throughout the last six months, we have worked closely with Castleton University to establish protocols that align with the State of Vermont safety standards and will ali
  6. Found this about how the Miami Dolphins did it........
  7. I would be more comfortable if ticket deferral was the default option and response was only needed if you wanted to convert it to a donation.
  8. I know there's a deadline involved because of tax deductions. But, I think more details about 2021 in Indy need to be revealed before asking us to make a decision.
  9. Posted on the Boston Crusaders Facebook page, yesterday: