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  1. posted by Gino, today.
  2. Just posted on the Boston Crusaders' Facebook page : I believe the cost is $2 per month.
  3. I don't follow the Bluecoats. But I just saw one of their staff members post that tonight's run through is part of the broadcast.
  4. BAC Backstage is your behind the scenes look at the Boston Crusaders. Follow along all summer long with an inside look at our rehearsals, warmups, and shows. Gain inside access to full length interviews with our members and staff, clips from the lot, exclusive livestreams from spring training, and more video content you won't see anywhere else! Stream from your phone, computer, or any device with an internet browser. Don't miss a moment of the action, go backstage! Pricing Free for on-demand content, $2 for live streams There are two levels of access for Backstage: free bu
  5. What was DCI's response when you emailed them asking for an update as to when you could be expecting your super 3 pre-ordered ticket?
  6. Does it really matter? No! Thanks for sharing updates and information, Mr. Montoya! Best of luck to the Scouts!!
  7. I thought I heard, during the "Giving Day" video(s), that there would be 80 brass and 52 in the guard. I did not hear the other numbers in the sections you mentioned. But the DM and Battery numbers seem "normal". Possibly heard 6 tenors? The front ensemble number seems to be high, to me. I wonder if some of these are alternates? Thanks for the update, craiga!! Can't wait to see the corps when they get back to the Boston area!
  8. It's an exhibition season.....what/why penalties?
  9. I predict some DCPer will type the phrase: In Before Close or the phrase: I like waffles