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  1. Gino Cipriani promoted to Boston Crusaders assistant director position. Quote: "Gino will serve as Assistant Director as well as continue his role as a Director of Music where he administers and oversees the BACBrass program." https://bostoncrusaders.org/2022/01/gino-cipriani-assistant-director/
  2. I know that. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant that I didn't know the show sponsor info for the other 2 Georgia shows.
  3. There look to be 3 shows scheduled in Georgia, including the DCI Regional. It doesn't give the show sponsor info for the other shows.
  4. Following a corps meeting held today with 2022 Spirit of Atlanta corps members, staff, volunteers and board members, the organization released the following statement: https://dci.org/news/spirit-of-atlanta-withdraws-from-2022-dci-tour
  5. Sorry, I haven't read through everything. When you say brass leadership team do you mean student leaders or staff? Thanks in advance for the clarification.
  6. I believe the March Camp is currently planned to be "in person" with location tbd.
  7. They're way ahead of where they were at this point in time last year.
  8. Welcome to Van Mathews. https://bostoncrusaders.org/2021/10/bacbrass-welcomes-van-mathews/
  9. Van Mathews to the Boston Crusaders. https://bostoncrusaders.org/2021/10/bacbrass-welcomes-van-mathews/
  10. Did you check the DCI website? All the info is there.
  11. 4 - large screen, semi-portable televisions. Good for watching auto races and rap concerts. 170 - racing uniforms (various sizes). perfect for your nascar racing team. plenty of room to add sponsor logos. sweat stains and smells included. Contact boston@crusaders.dbc.
  12. I know, he's late!! wtf Liahona!! You're slacking off.😡🤣
  13. It's actually pretty easy. Click on the"schedule and tickets" tab. Find the event you're interested in, click on that and all the info is there (same as every year, in the recent past).
  14. Last night was the Boston Crusaders 80+1 Celebration/Reunion at Gillette Stadium. Boston is hosting 3 shows: tonight in Quincy; Wednesday and Thursday in Lawrence.
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