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  1. craiga you've supported the corps in good times and bad (and lord knows there's been plenty of bad times over the last 79 years). And your love for the corps has never wavered. seems like the complete opposite of a fair-weather fan to me. Obviously the person who made that comment has NO clue.
  2. Just as an fyi.....Ron isn't the director. Chris Holland is. Ron is his assistant. And did you receive permission to take photos of the corps during rehearsal and of any possible items to be used in the show (props)? Last thing I knew was the corps didn't mind people viewing practice, but no photos/videos/audio recordings were allowed. Sure fire way to have the corps, or any corps, decide to close rehearsals is to not respect their requests.
  3. Careful Lab. You don't want to be accused of over- hyping here on DCP. See you Friday.
  4. The original post is way too long/wordy. In before closed.......
  5. Should be a fun time in the city on Wednesday. Concert in the Park @5pm followed by game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals just about a mile away. 2 words..... Public Transportation!!
  6. It does not. But the ventilation and air flow is much improved over the previous truck.
  7. For the sake of accuracy...... Boston was 13th after 2016 quarterfinals. If they had been 13th after semi's, they would not have been in finals. Back on topic, looking forward to seeing what the Cadets put on the field this season..
  8. Enough of Our Machines – Son Lux Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears (Roland Orzabal, Ian Stanley, Chris Hughes) On the Shoulders of Giants – Peter Graham Giant Steps – John Coltrane My Shot – Lin-Manuel Miranda Fanfare for Rocky – Bill Conti Once Upon a Castle – Michael Daugherty
  9. The final production camp of the 2019 season is complete after a successful late April weekend in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Without question, the buzz of drum corps season was present throughout the weekend. Guard auditions brought back many familiar faces returning for another season of BACCG. New talent was in abundance as the brand of the award winning color guard is at an all time high. The choreography, the design, and the writing of the guard work attracts a special type of performer. Michael Townsend, Brady Sanders, and the full team were all on hand to teach and evaluate. No doubt the 2019 guard will be another great chapter for all to enjoy. Congrats to all who went after it and to those chosen to travel to Castleton, Vermont for move-ins. Brass and percussion spent the remainder of the weekend putting together several show productions for the design team. Ryan George, Colin McNutt, Keith Potter, Mike Zellers and Iain Moyer were on site to bring more sections of the 2019 production to life. The brass learned the first minute and a half of drill on Saturday morning under the watchful eye of designer Leon May. It was a good introduction to the learning process. At the public performance on Sunday, the ensemble performed 9 minutes of show material. By the reaction of the crowd on hand – we are on to something special. Many thanks to all of our volunteers, our admin team, and the unsung heroes behind the scenes that make it possible for our members to experience drum corps on the highest level. Dr. Vivien completed all the necessary medical on-boarding of our 2019 guard, while Barb Ferguson and Jeanne Cirillo captured the measurements for costumes. The Lakewood Ranch community came out in full support and we had lots of local alumni, parents, and friends in the stadium on Sunday afternoon.
  10. Perhaps Jeff Ream, or someone else, can confirm or debunk. It's my understanding that Friends of DCI seat locations are (or at least used to be) assigned based on length of time as a member in Friends of DCI. Meaning someone who's been in for many years gets better seats than someone who just signed up this season, like Xena45.
  11. Is this thread about Cadets 2019? I'm not sure, so thought I would check.
  12. From another thread, but an appropriate response: Anyway, back on topic - congrats to YEA for what sounds like a very successful fundraiser!
  13. It was a quote from the original poster. And my point was the same one the OP made just a few posts ago, about the thread drifting and derailing. No need for the attitude. Thanks.
  14. "This is to be about how we think dci in general and the activity as a whole has improved, dropped balls or can improve."
  15. What was the topic suppose to be about again?
  16. I agree with the above emphasized quote, not for people like Jim, garfield, myself, etc. but more for the casual fan or someone who isn't a fan. They are the ones who read the original article (s), most likely form a negative opinion/perception (rightly or wrongly), and not invested/interested enough to follow up. It's important that they hear that things are changing/improving. And if they're casual fans or not fans, spreading the news other ways, in addition to the website, is important. They could be people who very possibly make the decision on hosting a corps or having a show. They could be people who "put pressure" on the decision makers to host or not host, etc.
  17. In my opinion, this is the same reason why corps rarely (if at all) post off season audio/visual content, even if it's not show material.
  18. Bump Now that it's been almost 9 years......your thoughts
  19. I predict some of these "boycott" topics will be closed before the end of the weekend.