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  1. well...if Crown wants that Ott they're gunna have to pull out all the stops seeing as SCV won the caption again tonight. I was kind of expecting them to be a lot closer to the Bluecoats after the run tonight. Guess that's why I'm not a judge.
  2. I don't think BAC's gunna jump Crown
  3. I couldn't tell if they fixed the flag because the camera angle changed too quickly...but maybe that's a good thing lol.
  4. Easily their best run....jesus.... except for the left side of the maw triangular flag didn't unfurl cleanly. Other than that. Those kids should feel extremely proud tonight
  5. Just started the ballad...Night and day difference so far
  6. What a semis' run!I love the show this year!
  7. Not sure if I'm suppose to do this...but there's a guy broadcasting semi's live on facebook. It's high def. anyone want the link? I believe its Flomarching
  8. After reading the thoughts after that long post I gave last I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one who thought Crown was a bit off. I really like that they weren't happy with that run last night. It shows they're not giving up and that they can do better. I wish dci would broadcast the semifinals in theaters rather than the prelims. It would give everyone a better idea of what to expect for the finals run.
  9. There's no way what they added was that much...basically it was a large shiny blue cloth that....this might sound familiar...but flowed over the corps a the very end...and when it passed over them all the way the corps was hidden if felt just like the end of Crown 2015....though instead of the corps forming a crown...BAC's member just hid under another layer of fabric. In the theater, Crown, SCV, BAC, and Cadets got the most positive responses from those sitting around me. Something major would have to go wrong for BAC to catch Crown by finals...I don't think it'll happen. I find it more likely that Crown could edge out Bluecoats...but I'm being kinda prejudice there. I don't like Bluecoats show at all. It seems I'm one of the very few that feels that way. I guess I could go a little more into what I saw from Crown. I said it in my previous post but I thought they sounded a bit off throughout the show. Nothing too noticable I guess but it kept getting better as the show went on. The percussion seemed to overpower the brass in the opener more than I've heard before, but I think it enhanced it greatly. . Saw a couple of rifle drops. The brass played together very usual. The ballad was amazing...those flag/ropes during it made it look messy...they had the entire season to fix that and yet. I'll leave that there....but the end of the ballad ..That...was just incredible...probably my favorite moment out all fifteen corps that performed. The rocking beast bit was great. I had an older couple sitting in front of me and they just shook their heads back and forth, then stopped as the close up of the five rifles spinning together while rocking, they looked at each other, then shook their heads was clear they didn't expect to see that. The ending was much better received because of the high camera shot showing the face of the beast. When you sit down low you can't really tell what those three triangular flags have on them...the eyes, and the maw. I may be wrong on some or all of it...but I stand by it and still think they could, though unlikely, beat Bluecoats...I honestly think the brass will get it together the next two days and take the Ott..looking at the weighted brass score in the rankings Crowns' brass score is 19.715, while SCV's is 19.125. Not much space there. It could go either way. But I have a feeling Crown will do it. Overall the show is fun, great brass bits, the percussion is the best Crown's ever had. The visuals have improved so much over the season, and though the marks they're getting are lower that usual, they embrace it with the same amount energy as they would no matter the ranking from top to bottom.... Well there's a bit more of my in depth thoughts.....too much?
  10. Am I really the first one to an update on how they were? Well...watched them in the theaters..I absolutely love Crown...but they seemed a bit off tonight... I'm ecstatic that they kept in fourth. If they pushed themselves tomorrow to really kick it up...who knows. They had an electrical problem that caused a wait. The percussion...what a beast. The usual, they were phenomenal, but I could tell SCV was a bit better than them I wasn't surprised they came in second. That said, I think they'll turn that around and take it again this year. Whether Crown can catch Bloo by finals....I'm a bit doubtful but it's not out of the possibility. A lot of people seated around me liked Crown a lot more than BD or Bloo. It seemed SCV, BAC and Crown were the crowd favorites in my theater.
  11. Why did some of the design team left Crown for Boston after 2016? They don't get paid for it... right? It's just odd that they would leave them after such a successful season. The took the visual, brass, and colorguard caption awards, as well as the bronze medal. Looking at how Boston is doing so much better now, I wonder if the team had stayed they could have won another title instead of third. least that's my thought on the matter. I hope/bet the design team will use a different approach for next years show.
  12. I wonder what Crowns' score would have been if they had performed at Buffalo along with Bloo and BD. Because they dipped back below 94 tonight.
  13. I never understood where the whole 6th place thing came from...I never thought for a moment they'd fall that far...the absolute lowest I thought would be 5th. I still think they could medal. Whether that happens or not it doesn't matter....I've enjoyed this show so much more than "It Is"
  14. This has probably already been explained so sorry for the question but...what is Visual Analysis...That's what seems to be Crowns' weakness...according to the scores tonight.