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  1. I'm with Big Bad Man on this. I too was part of the hype machine here especially in 07. I always have hope for the Scouts, but it's become hard. In the 90's almost the whole corps was from WI, so if anything the talent pool is so much bigger than it was, hut they are going else where. At some point they will realize that announcing a show is a good buzz generator. Look at what the Cadets have done this winter. I left this site for a few years, hut came back ever hopeful again. I'm very excited about the changes and hope for a great year. Big Bad Man is calling it like he sees it,
  2. I'm heading down to lovely Beloit on Saturday to check out PR. Can't wait for some drum corps in February.
  3. One of my favorites this year. I watched over 40 hours of spring training rehearsal, and the improvement from May till August was nothing short of amazing. Classic PR show.
  4. Perhaps you missed my post where I said it made sense to rehearse elsewhere if it made sense financially
  5. Wow, I can honestly say that no one has ever called me that in my entire life. I was just being honest and giving my opinion.
  6. You didn't come off that way at all. Also, there is a selfish part of me that wants them back in WI..... I can see them more. I'm one hour from Rockford, and 1+ hrs from Madison.
  7. It really isn't a big deal I guess, and does make sense if there are financial advantages, but I really feel that the corps loses some connection with the community by rehearsing elsewhere. I spent many many hours in Rockford this spring, and local people came out every night to check them out. I know it sounds hokey, but there was a sense of community, pride, etc...
  8. I get your point. I guess my feeling is that if they aren't doing anything in Madison other than taking a picture at the capital and hosting a show, perhaps they should just be known as the 'Scouts'?
  9. I sure hope so. Sorry, but I thought the move to Indiana was a really bad idea.
  10. Not sure if you remember me, but this is ACN. I was a pretty vocal supporter of the Scouts here from '07-'09. I was away for a while, but had to create a new account etc.... Anyway, I'm back!
  11. 96 is one of my favorites of all time too. '95 gets all the hype, but I like '96 better. One of the best upper lead soprano lines ever. I didn't realize they did some of Camillo's stuff that year. Thanks!
  12. I haven't been satisfied at all. Not finishing above 9th place since '05 is not good. If you said 20 years ago that the Scouts would be 9-14 place for 9 years in a row fans/alumni would tell you that you were absolutely out of your mind. Visual/show design is where there is the biggest gap imo. Visual to me doesn't mean more body movement, or filling the field with pointless props though. I'm very excited about the changes so far. I feel the brass/drumline are in great hands. I don't know much about the new visual guy, but his resume speaks for itself. I'm really hoping for a top six finish ne
  13. I'd love to here any of Michael Camillo's One More Once on the field. Awesome big band Latin jazz album. Hasn't been done by any corps that I know of. Check it out.
  14. I also think SCV won in '89 because of the 4 second place finishes. They should have won in '88. I liked 88 way more than 89.
  15. I'm gonna pull the plug and start this topic now. With all the staff changes done in such a timely manner, the 2015 season is well under way for the Scouts. Personally, I couldn't be happier with the choices and I can't wait to see what is yet to come. Go Scouts!!!
  16. 1986 Whitewater - Madison Scouts. Hooked ever since....
  17. After watching the Scout's rehearsal last night, and after seeing 30+ hours of Phantom Regiment rehearsal this spring, I'd be SHOCKED if the Scouts don't beat the Regiment on Friday. Just sayin'
  18. I've been to Rockford 5 times since Memorial Day, and was in Whitewater last night. I've seen over 30 hours of rehearsal so far. Here are my thoughts on the 2014 Regiment. I don't mind Swan Lake again. It's really just the beginning and end of the show. Maybe 1/3 total. I believe the majority of the staff is new, and I'm assuming the corps is on the younger side. The brass arrangements are ok, but there is hardly any technical demand at all. Like none. No wow moments in arrangement or performance. The drumline rarely gets in front of the back hash, and while they've gotten alot better i
  19. I heard it amplified and not amplified @ the same show by the same corps. To me, there is no need to do it. Why amp a solo if when he walks to the other 40 he isn't amplified? And yes, I don't like it @ all.Also, check out Glassmen for umamp'd flugal solos in the mid 00's. Worked pretty well for them & a top 5 finish to boot.
  20. Can someone please give me a good reason why solos are amplified now? Is it the Bb horns? The lack of producing a quality sound while projecting? I really don't get it. At the DeKalb show the Blue Devils had a soloist who stood on the sideline for about 80% of the show and played into a mic almost the whole show. He did have a short solo off mic, and sounded great. The Cadets and PR both had solos not amplified and there was no problem hearing them @ all. In fact the PR trumpet soloist had a huge sound. I think if you told any 93 BD soloist that in 20 years the solos would use mics, they
  21. I've seen them twice & I love the show. 2nd favorite of the season, behind SVC. I love the opening theme of Adagio, and I love the ending.However - I hate the boxes. I was right on the 50 @ Dekalb about 1/3 of the way up, and was unable to see major parts of the show because of the stupid boxes. The were even lined up crooked along the 50 to start the show. They are so talented in all all captions, its a shame I couldn't see a drum break on the back half of the field because boxes blocked 2/3rds of the line. I get the concept of what they're trying to do, but they could pull it off in a
  22. Cavaliers........eh. Not terrible, but man oh man not what I've come to expect from the Cavies. Almost like a Cavies imitation show. Thin, out of tune high notes, but a great piccolo solo.