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  1. Anyone know if a high school group has played Reflections before? The original was good, but really digging the full orchestral work in the new trailer. Imagining it on the field and I got an early 2000's Ronald Regan vibe with the drums.
  2. Crown, Coats, or SOA. This could be beautiful on the field. I love this version more than the original. Progressive rock with an organ line based on Bach's Air for the G String, what could be better?
  3. Thursday's Prelim schedule has Crown performing right before SCV, can't wait to see these two fight it out this weekend!
  4. Quite a few musical changes debuted tonight and their performance was on fiiyyaahh! Unfortunately, they removed one of my favorite lines of the show by cutting out the lead sops soaring melody at the end of the little brass feature in the closer. Guessing feet were not able to come out of the sound at that point because of how exposed it was musically while booking it at that tempo. I have no inside information but I still predict that Crown is going to add something by Indy like a tarp along the front sideline where a lot of the guard work takes place. All that white on the field there does not help the uniforms and equipment work stand out. When did BAC add in those beach tarps in the end zone last year? I can't remember.
  5. Last regional before Indy, hoping Crown has something new up their sleeves for tonight!
  6. Are the plexiglass storm doors still being used by the guard?
  7. They usually are, can't wait to see if these additions will push them closer to the top 3.
  8. Thanks for that! I haven't watched Session 44 recently, I just remember the awesome brass book. Will have to go back and checkout the guard in more detail.
  9. Not sure if this has been discussed in the past 75 pages, but overall, Blooo's guard seems to be of a higher caliber this year than I remember from the past. Anyone know if the WGI IW group has carried members over into the summer? Or if the same staff is designing and teaching both?
  10. The guy that stands in the middle of the rotating circles in the 2nd number got a visual solo last night, he essentially owns the fact he isn't moving and its pretty funny
  11. I have always loved SCV 's 2004 show and the music is killer. Simple and effective drill that I thought of first was the ending drill starting at 10:38 that eventually yields the star and pulling the center out to form a block.
  12. This will be my first live show since 2016 (I have followed DCI since 2006). I remember the stands were pretty packed that year with both Bluecoats and Crown performing that evening. I've always wished for a big drum corps show to be held at the University of South Carolina's Williams-Brice football stadium. It's a great venue with easy parking and decent stands, but I don't think they have even ever held a marching band contest there. I was bummed that The Cadets or Bluecoats were not joining Crown tonight since they usually make the stop here along tour, but really looking forward to a live viewing of SoA, BAC, and Crown this evening. Rain chances for this evening have dropped from 40-50% in the early afternoon to 25% at 8pm and 20% at 9pm!