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  1. Anyone know if Blooo will be staggering the release of their 2019 info throughout the day or literally wait until right before the premier to release everything like 2016?
  2. From other posts I have seen online, I believe that it was SoA's intention not to reveal which sections of the corps is wearing what outfit. But, from the video of their Concert at the Park, the hornline is wearing the hot pink look.
  3. Definitely got a HBO Westworld vibe at the start of the show.
  4. Agreed, didn't want to be the first to mention it. Guard was shoved in the back two corners with weapons along front sideline for what seemed 50% of the show. Not much integration of the guard within the drill itself, that is something Leon May achieved flawlessly in his tenure at Crown. [I know its June, don't shoot me.]
  5. Anyone know how far along the props are at this point and what we could expect to see at the premiere?
  6. Some of my Favorites coming in at 5th place: 1998 Glassmen Dreams of Gold 2000 Boston Crusaders RED 2005 Bluecoats Caravan 2008 Cadets ...and the pursuit of happiness [I know that show got a lot of flack on here at the time, I enjoyed the musical book and the killer drill at the end] 2009 SCV Ballet for Martha 2011 Phantom Juliet (spectacular music book) 2014 Out of This World 2015 SCV Spark of Invention 2018 Boston SOS Top Favorite goes to 2011 PR's Juliet. Classic Phantom, phenomenal music, and a beautiful show where the phantomettes shine. I often find myself humming that East of Eden opener. HM's 1994 SCV The Red Poppy; 1995 PR Adventures Under a Darkened Sky; 2007 SCV !(Eureka); 2010 Cadets Toy Souldier; 2012 SCV Music of the Starry Night
  7. I really enjoyed SOA's take on modern unis they used for the past few seasons. Hope they go in a similar direction this year too.
  8. Just saw this on reddit too. I wasn't a Cavalier, but just wanted to commend DCI on such a class act.
  9. Just flipped through DCX, 8th place had a stretch of some great shows. (*) Are both shows I still revisit frequently and hold a special place in my favorites of DCI 2006 Crown In.Trance.It* 2007 BK Knight Reign 2008 Blue Stars Le Tour 2009 Blue Stars The Factory 2010 Blue Stars Houdini*
  10. Corps uniforms are dramatic with the black and metallic gold, definitely a step up from last year. Wish that the top was more structured because the epaulettes on the shoulders look a little flimsy. Not really sure how the hip chains fit in here, but overall well done.
  11. The khaki kind of reminds me of the early 2000's uni from PR.