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  1. I did very little wandering around but saw both the Bluecoats and SCVs trucks at the stadium.
  2. 20+ sick kids, as I understand. Most in the color guard.
  3. Poor choice of words. I've seen Crown live 3 times and I can assure you, the guard does not "suck!" (And neither did the drumline prior to this season.) The caliber of these top corps is off the charts! They are all great!
  4. I agree. But they've made some changes in the last few days that I wish they hadn't. I wish they'd trust the process for real instead of just talking about it AND CLEAN!
  5. Yes, C2 was missing a bass drum and snare at the Reading show due to Rutgers band camp. Also, they did not add a lot of extra practice time during the week leading up to DCA Championships. They did their normal Sunday 9-5, drums and guard were in on Thursday night and the whole corps had an all-day practice on Friday before they left for Rochester, which included a "thank you" performance at Daniel Boone. I believe this is pretty similar to Reading's schedule. (I am a C2 parent, so be nice! lol) (I am also an alum of the Reading Buccaneers)
  6. Saw the show on fan network several times and just wasn't feeling it. My opinion completely changed when I saw it live. It's beautiful! The Phantomettes are lovely and very clean. Underrated in my opinion. Phantom was one of my favorite performances at DCI East this year. I really enjoyed it.