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  1. Brass Ensembles: 1. Pacific Crest (94) 2. Blue Devils (93) 3. Blue Stars (89.5) 4. Madison Scouts (85) 5. Colt Cadets (84.5) 6. The Academy (84) 7. Blue Devils B (83.5) 8. Oregon Crusaders (83) 9. River City Rhythm (81) Source:
  2. What the heck. 1. The Cadets - (best visual performance, best percussion performance, best general effect) 2. Carolina Crown (best brass performance) 3. Blue Devils (best color guard) 4. Bluecoats 5. The Cavaliers 6. Phantom Regiment 7. Santa Clara Vanguard 8. Boston Crusaders 9. Blue Knights 10. Crossmen 11. Madison Scouts 12. Spirit of Atlanta 13. Pacific Crest 14. Blue Stars 15. Oregon Crusaders 16. The Troopers 17. The Academy 18. Colts 19. Jersey Surf 20. Pioneer 21. Cascades Most predictions made with gut feeling.
  3. "Smaller." Most of us still march the maximum 150 performers, or close to it. I think the only exceptions are Cascades and Pioneer. I predict that Academy, Blue Stars, Colts, Crossmen, Mandarins, Oregon Crusaders, Pacific Crest, and Troopers will all think they're going to make finals this year. But only Oregon Crusaders and Troopers really have a chance, no matter how good each corps actually is, because of politics. i.e. Oregon Crusaders is still new, so the judges can put them wherever they want, and everyone wants the Troopers to make finals, so the judges might put them there. Not to ta
  4. Blue Devils got a perfect 20 brass score in prelims of 2004. I don't know about any other perfect scores.
  5. Here's what's publicly avaiable for world class corps. The Academy: $3,000 Blue Devils: $2,700 Blue Knights: Blue Stars: Bluecoats: Boston Crusaders: $3,675 The Cadets: $3,715 Carolina Crown: $3,675 Cascades: $2,950 The Cavaliers: $2,750 Colts: $3,000 Crossmen: $2,900 Jersey Surf: Madison Scouts: $3,075 Mandarins: $2,600 Oregon Crusaders: $3,000 Pacific Crest: $3,200 Phantom Regiment $3,200 Pioneer: $2,800 Santa Clara Vanguard: $2,250 Spirit of Atlanta: Troopers: $2,775 Here's open class. 7th Regiment: $1,460 Blue Devils B: Blue Devils C: Blue Saints: City Sound: C
  6. I don't see either of these passing either, for the exact same reasons as actucker. I'd also really not like to see the proposal on using any brass instruments pass. One of the most distinctive things about this activity is our use of bugle-like instruments. If I wanted to see trombones and sousas, I can watch BoA.