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  1. So I've been trying out that technique for fun, and I was wondering: How do you get the toe-ball-heel shock absorbtion to work? Whenever I try it, it just feels like I'm slamming my toes into the ground every step, jolting my upper body as a result. I also seem to be one of the only people who doesn't think it looks weird. Sure, it isn't as crisp as straight leg, but it was uniform uncrispyness, and it seemed to scale extremely well with tempo.
  2. Would something like a parobolic microphone or shotgun microphone be a viable option for judging "up close" without actually being on the field?
  3. I seem to get best results tapping my fingernail against the mouse. Less padding equals more responsiveness. Humming a millitary march helps with the precision, but there is still the problem of rushing/dragging. I've broken 920 before.
  4. On your comment about the Spartans chains sound effect The sound was created and recorded using the chains on a frisbee golf hole.
  5. 2005 was a bit weird. Spartans won D2 finals, but East Coast Jazz took D2/3 finals.
  6. Silver Knights World Class Kansas City, MO kamoro Memorial Stadium - Lawrence, KS Silver Guards Open Class Kansas City, MO kamoro College Boulevard Activity Center - Olathe, KS Silver Cadets Class A Kansas City, MO kamoro College Boulevard Activity Center - Olathe, KS