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  1. God I loved the show! Especially when considering the adversity pre season
  2. Thanks for the info on Dreams..... just bought it on iTunes love it
  3. If u think 2018 Scouts is exactly the same type of show as 2016 Bluecoats, there is a lot u didn’t observe
  4. I’ve been critical of the corps for several years. With the programs especially. Completely fed up, but tonight I saw something different. I saw a corps and a leadership that wouldn’t give up. I was done with them for this year, but they made changes that made the show enjoyable for me. The corps performed well and the staff made significant changes. I get that they are trying to compete with what is expected by GE today so I for 1 and am cutting them slack and making a donation.
  5. I got the information from the forward performing arts link that was posted by Chris on the FAcebook page Madison Scouts Ciffee house. In the past he has worked without a salary and if I remember is receiving 2/3. The staff payment info I got from several members who left for more lucrative employment at other corps. They have financial needs. I hope that helps
  6. With all due respect if the prior levels were adequate the Scouts would be in a position to pay the Executive Director his full salary to start with , then it would also be sufficient to pay designers and caption heads a fair market salary . So I guess I disagree that these prior efforts were close to sufficient in the past. It needn’t be the way to go but if the corps is to become a viable competitive entity in the future, new revenue will need to be sourced. I’d love to hear your ideas.....
  7. Idea, the base problem seems to be financial. It is not like they don’t want to field an artistically competitive program they have a 15 and below budget it seems.. The activity has changed dramatically over the last 15 years and especially in the last 5. I read the financial info on forward performaning arts, they strive for financial stability in 3 years. While that is good and really unique in the history of the corps since the 80s, it is only a million dollar budget. That is what is the typical budget for their competitive level. There are options I think, the worst is going into debt to a
  8. The show should be a record breaking high score.
  9. Good God that was a fine show. Well done take it all the way,
  10. I see Jim Mason as the perfect person to get the branding and all the other issues sorted out
  11. So if u go to The Facebook page of Madison Scouts Fan Group, Chris posted it there. Yesterday evening.
  12. this is a link for getting your input directly to leadership and the board. I did and was brutally honest. It is a more direct way than blogs to bring much needed change. I agree with your sentiments by the way swmstom
  13. Good God that was a fine show. Well done take it all the way,