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  1. I was referring to the forum that was run by the ex cop you hated and I believe that you were banned!
  2. Thank you DaveChina. I have always been a fan of your rude and obnoxious posts on the defunct alumni forum which was actually closed down because of people like you.
  3. Kay. Thank you for correcting me on my spelling of Pequa Squaws. I see nothing in the definition of color guard that speaks of dancing. And they march? When was the last show you attended? I'm all for evolution especially when it comes to calling an ace an ace and a spade a spade. Too bad you did not march with the Squaws. You would know what a color guard is.
  4. Omg. THEY HAVE MY RESPECT! How did you do with reading comprehension in school! And I don't care if thousands of people disagree with me. They are entitled to their opinion just as I am and I respect that too. Deal with it!
  5. LegalEagle. Because you do not like what I have to say, you keep accusing me of speaking of the modern product in a demeaning and condescending way. I have said it in previous posts and will say it one more time. I GO TO SO CALLED DRUM CORPS SHOWS AND ENJOY THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE. I have also commented on the amazing talent involved and that in my day, I would not have been able to do the things these kids/adults do now. I thought this forum was for people with diverse opinions. Oh and you really don't need to put your "drum corps historian" had on for me. I have been participating and observing since the 50s.
  6. Oh LegalEagle. I love your posts. So what should I call them? They are everything you said they are with one exception. They are not color guards. It is time for you moderners and modernettes to update your terms. Get with it girl!
  7. What is condescending about calling what YOU consider a guard a dance troup? What I see is all dancing in these modern shows so why can't I call them dance groups without being accused of being condescending. Is there something degrading about the term dance troupe? The Pequa Squas were a color guard!
  8. Now Kay, is that any way to treat a huge Pequa Squa fan?
  9. Please.....no need to fight over these dance troupe!
  10. Downtown, there is a rich history involving the Gay Blades. Thank you for sharing some of it. "Sweets For My Sweet" which was a marginal hit record for the Drifters back in the 60s was brilliantly interpreted for the Gay Blades as I recall. One of my all time fav drum corps tunes!
  11. Hi. Did you know Duke Jordan?

  12. LegalEagle, In what post did I say I hate the current product? I have said, that you seem to ignore, in a few of my posts is that I attend DCI and DCA shows and that I enjoy them for what they are. And yes, most of what I loved about drum corps is missing from the current product which to me resembles marching bands. I do not think a marching brass band with no bugles in the brass line should call itself a drum and bugle corps or drum corps. The first line of the wikipedia definition of "drum and bugle corps" says drum and bugle corps also known as drum corps so calling them drum corps when they do not utilize bugles doesn't cut it either. By the way, I know all the four letter words that you know but I have not used them or xxxx's when corresponding with anyone on this forum. I have also not told anybody to "go to he'll" so, while you are accusing me of disrespect, you might want to audit your own posts. If you and your buddy Jeff don't like what I have to say, skip over my posts. Have a nice day!
  13. LegalEagle. Google "drum and bugle corps" and read the fist line in the wikipedia definition.
  14. LegalEagle. Thank you so much for your lecture. Because of you I now know how much work and time it takes to participate in a "drum corps" and that scores don't matter to the corps members (is the Brooklyn bridge still for sale?). Perhaps you could explain to me how you can call them drum and bugle corps when there are no bugles in the brass line. Oh and while you're at it, why not elaborate on why you are insulted by the fact that I think they should be called brass bands. After all, I do attend the brass band contests and enjoy them.
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