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  1. Congratulations! I, too stumbled across DCP about 13 years ago, when I was first introduced to this wonderful activity. I marched 03-06 and then took a bunch of years off from drum corps, then re-found the activity again in 2012 when I met my now wife. I forgot/lost my old account info, so this is my new one. Here's to many more years and posts!
  2. Are we missing anyone? I see a trend of more simple designs this year, minus a few, of course. Is it me, or does it seem that a lot of the corps are choosing a lacquer finish from the manufacturer, rather than using On2 slips?
  3. Not working for me either. I'm guessing he jumped the gun on the reveal haha.
  4. I think the point of the headwear of any form is to make the unit a) look "uniform," and b) make them look TALLER. The difference between the WGI groups and DCI groups is the size of the venue. In WGI, there really is no need for headwear, because it is more of a personal, closer venue where seeing facial expressions adds more to the show. The audience at a DCI show is much further away, and typically outdoors. To me, a corps looks short and incomplete when they're not wearing a shako or aussie, or whichever headwear they choose.
  5. SCV just posted a photo of the uniform ladies hemming a pair of white pants.
  6. Super classy and elegant. Love it! And I think they're all the same players from last year.
  7. The short stacks definitely lack in the sound quality department. Phantom quads in the Rennick days were by far my favorite sound, as well as SCV pretty much any year. Beefy sound.
  8. I follow them on snapchat and haven't seen anything yet. Do they have a separate drumline account?
  9. I totally agree. A nice lacquer is gorgeous, but I am still intrigued by the wraps that come out every year. Even the high school line I teach uses them. Also, I've noticed in a lot of the pictures I've seen from spring training thus far, that there are a lot of black drums, which tells me they're probably going to be wrapped soon. Can't go wrong with a solid black finish though.
  10. I'm more excited to see what everyone's drums will look (and sound) like! This can be the official 2016 Drums thread. Has anyone shown theirs yet?