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  1. leadsop04

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Here's a question to semi get us back on topic: Why are so many drum corps trying to get "a big name" instead of some young fresh talent that are hungry to climb the ranks? Look at Mandarins going from 17th to 10th in two years with a relatively unknown design team on the visual side. I mean that in absolutely no disrespect to these people!! They did amazing work!!! My point being if Mandarins had went with "big names" while not getting their 100% attention would they even be in the place they are in competivitely? I could see the desirability of getting these big names but some drum corps have nothing else to lose. Why not double down and try to win the jackpot like Mandarins? Good design is good design regardless of the name attached to it.
  2. leadsop04

    Valdosta, GA - July 10, 2018

    Guardians only a point front Louisiana Stars with no closer, no show flags, and no props. ####.
  3. leadsop04

    BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    Well they have 3 Blue Devils staff members working with them so it's to be expected lol
  4. leadsop04

    Humid and Sticky Houston

    Most people that say these comments tend to be (but not always) brass players that base the level of difficulty of a show by how physically demanding the drill is. (Noticed I said physically demanding because there is a difference between difficult drill and physically demanding drill) The words "marching while playing" are no where on the sheets by the way. Marching is but one way to move around the field. Marching is but one skill set in the visual performance caption. The Blue Devils just tend to pick higher levels of difficulty for their members than these basic high school level skillsets. If you truly watch the show with an open mind you'll see that the entire corps is doing really advanced movement throughout the entire production. There is more than one way to generate effect. The hornline is but one section of the drum corps. The Blue Devils have the 2 most successful visual designers of all time on their staff. Maybe we should all start asking ourselves why Jay Murphy and Scott Chandler made their decisions on that part of the show. Why are the brass "standing" (while doing choreography) in pods during flight of the bumble bee? Was it to generate a visual call and response? Was it to create negative space for the rifles for their killer feature? Why are the brass just walking to a "park and bark" (while doing choreography) for the ballad? Is it to let the flag add on feature be the focus? Is it to let the music drive the effect at this moment? Is it to give the older drum corps fans what they've been begging for? (Just play a full melody and blow my face off) There designers are brilliant. I'm beyond ecstatic for what this show Is, what it can be, the boundaries of design thst it's pushing, and that it's being rewarded by the judges. I hope this trend continues for the rest of the season.
  5. Like 2013? Most physically demanding show of all time. Almost the whole show (minus the ballad) was at 210 bpm.
  6. There are atleast 2 other drum corps that are more talented. This staff just knows how to get more out of less talented people.
  7. leadsop04

    SCV Conundum

    Can you please show me where "doing it for someone" is on the sheets?
  8. Nah the visual staff is the last to sleep and first to rise ;) lol
  9. leadsop04

    San Antonio Showdown

    Louisiana stars really took a step back in the show design department this year.
  10. leadsop04

    Huntsville Harmonometer

    Meh. It's not a very good show. Rwally inopportune staging and missed effect moments. They will be okay but they could have been better with their old team.
  11. leadsop04

    Blue Devils 2016

    So for anyone doubting the Blue Devils design team here is a post after 2015 BD family day http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php/topic/162342-blue-devils-preview-at-family-day-2015/#entry3523405 This is the best design and instructional team EVER assembled! I've learned to trust them until the finals scores are announced. Period.
  12. leadsop04


    Well to be fair Phantom won not because of Bd''s percussion being below par. Phantom won because they gained 1.1 points in "feet" in 3 days.... 1.1 points in a subcaption?.... in 3 days?.... come on. Not to mention their leg shape, control, and foot timing were atrocious. But back on topic, I can't wait to order the blue rays!
  13. leadsop04

    2016 Rule Congress proposals

    While I can't speak for music (although I do think it's partly the same?) there is only so much information that the judge can take from the sidelines. The only way to really see how the members are truly performing, both individually, and person to person is to jump in there and get your hands dirty. This is as good of an idea as expecting all NFL referees to be on the sideline. This will make the judges opinions even more subjective to go in the way of certain corps.... Are DCI judges really that distracting to people? I feel like I barely notice them because I'm concentrating on the show/members.