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  1. Anstig

    Who's the best corpse?

    'Twas a thread making a vague connection between the blue devils and floyd mayweather. But fellas got upset about the comparison and thus cited Floyd's controversial domestic behavior. I was more interested in discussion bout' Floyd's boxing dominance but alas I could not right the sinking ship. The thread then completely disappeared, I don't even remember it getting locked. I still bring up my plight from time to time in an effort to spark further research into the topic.
  2. Anstig

    Who's the best corpse?

    I'm seeing the resemblance.
  3. What souvenirs are you gonna get?
  4. Anstig

    Cadets 2015

    By the end of the season I hope to be able to give this show 10 out of 10 stars.
  5. Anstig

    SCV 2015

  6. Anstig

    Regiment '15

    Pes49 might have been on to something I'm not sure.
  7. Anstig

    Who's the best corpse?

    Are you suggesting this topic will become a corpse? I'm still salty about my blue devils - mayweather thread disappearing by the way.
  8. Anstig

    Who's the best corpse?

    You can only pick one corpse.I preferred Are You 13' over Are You 12'
  9. Anstig

    Who's the best corpse?

    Yea one hell of a corpse, very good when they were still alive.
  10. Dci has many corpse to choose from, the real question is who really should we be watching most and cheering for? Determinative factors that would go into a "best corpse": (All should be met) Best Brass blowers Best drum beating Best guard twirling Won dci exactly 7 times So let discussion begin to determine best band
  11. Well why wouldn't I talk mostly about the best corpse in dci?
  12. Highly doubt boston will be able to pass cavaliers.
  13. Nice cavaliers tie cadets in brass acheivement.