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  1. Yeah man. Lots of really good sounds. Great performance!
  2. Hope I can catch the Cavies a couple of more times before I see them live. The show is starting to grow on me! Glad BAC had a good run - didn't sound like their best last night! Get em' Boston!
  3. Love videos like these - shows how hard the people who capture these events for us work, and that it's truly an art of it's own trying to capture the essence of a show this way. This is also the first video you see on DCI's YouTube channel - for a little more behind the scenes:
  4. Thank you FloMarching!! (and @RetiredMusTeach for posting this in the Memphis show thread) I was stressed about how I was going to keep up. Now I'm slightly less stressed!
  5. Can I safely assume without doing some Google work that the last time BAC beat SCV was...never? This is great! When they have a good time, the audience has a good time.
  6. There are so many moments to enjoy in this show. I FINALLY found a close-up lot video of the tenors doing their feature at the beginning of My Shot - the one where they split 16ths between players. Goodness gracious, so good. They have a fourth player on the come up, right? That'll be fun when they add him in! Keep it up Boston!!
  7. Ah, okay. Still, I've seen more corps streaming warmups these days from the official corps page - pretty cool!
  8. Dang! Wish I had caught it. Love their book this year. I need to be on Facebook more often, it seems like a lot of corps are doing this nowadays! posted from the DrumScorps app
  9. According to Music City's FB, we should be underway in a few minutes! posted from the DrumScorps app
  10. First BAC show in a while. Apparently Boston's last brass score is higher than SCV's most recent, despite being 5 days old...different shows, I know. Just thought it was interesting, especially for anyone who wants them to medal this year, they'll (likely) have to displace one of Bluecoats, BD, or SCV. By the way, I found that info using DCIscores.com, who just pushed an update allowing you to track not just overall score, but also caption/subcaption scores. I know there are other sites that do this, but I was just putting it through it's paces and it works quite well!