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  1. I just spit my drink out when I saw that on the sheet
  2. A whole lot of people just left the theater after SCV... either they saw what they wanted and left, didn't want to see Bluecoats.. or all had to pee REALLY bad
  3. Never been a BK fan until tonight. This show had me so engaged. Loved it
  4. Favorite Blue Devils show in years.... but...... I just really really dislike the dance segment the guard boys do. Seems so out of place to me.
  5. I'm just glad their strong use of electronics hasn't affected this show to become as popular as it has.
  6. Coats question.. what's with the drum major after his salute? He throws his arm and just does this weird thing... to do with the show I'm sure.. but I don't get it
  7. On a side note... I watched SCV hornline warm up in San Antonio and was pleasantly surprised to hear them play Canyon from their 99 show. Goosebumps. I wish someone would play that again.