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  1. You have clearly written the team off from Ft. Mill. Not so fast.
  2. Scores anyone? Wish I could have been there tonight. With a son aging out this summer, the tickets to Atlanta and Indianapolis were costly enough. So glad drum corps is back in FL!
  3. Well . . . actually it's called . . . .We were 2nd last year and pretty much go on last at every show!!! They can afford to sleep in that late AND what they do now is much more demanding physically then what I did in the 80's by far!
  4. The movie premier was a wonderful visual experience, but the audio stunk. Had to ask the theater manager 4 times to turn it up. Plus, those movie system are set to bring out the spoken voice frequencies. I'm with you, not sure if i'll go back to the theater. A waste of $$. Never captured the power of the audio with any corps.
  5. Had the same issue tonight. Found a little "work around" Instead of watching "live" scroll back a couple of minutes and the feed was buffer free and the broadcast was enjoyable to watch. Hope this helps!
  6. I'm in agreement with your comments. However, I thought on finals night BD was an equal and could have beaten Crown. Prelims and semi-finals though . . . . No. Crown should have at least walked away with a shared piece of that hardware from championship week!!!
  7. BD from a show construction standpoint was amazing and the performance level speaks for itself. With that said I understand the perfect scores for GE, but in the performance/execution subcaptions - especially visually, I don't buy it. Visually I'm not referring to the Color Guard (OMG they were on fire all Finals week) . . . . . the corps proper . . . . not everything was perfect. How could it be?
  8. While BD may be better with their feet, I think Cadets are the strongest visually. IF BD had the cream pants I don't think they would be able to hide some of the form development distortions that occur in their show. Funny it's more in the early to mid stages when the visual demand is not great, the hard stuff the last four minutes is champion caliber for sure. That angled straight line is amazing every night. Cadets look amazing all the time and still March and play the whole show. With that said I do think that BD should be winning both music and GE captions, no arguments there although that could change in a week. You never know, It's not over yet.
  9. I just wish they would call it GE visual and GE music like the old days. Plus would love to have more brass judges seeing that over half of the drum corps is in the hornlines.
  10. They had kids out right after ATL sitting out of rehearsal and actually ordered to rest! My son was one of those members affected. I just think many of the kids were run down, but yes they had quite a few kids sick, not sure if it was 20 but it was a sizable number. Hopefully all better for one last week of pushing to the end.
  11. Um...... The brass line struggling? Uhhhhh ...... NO! You insinuate the staff is not capable. Three Jim Ott trophies in a row ....... They probably know what they are doing. Also, why does the largest section on the field only have one judge for the caption when the percussion have two?
  12. Sound was better tonight than last night for me.
  13. Funny thing, the kids in Crown and the brass staff thought it was their strongest performance of the year.
  14. I love the Fan Network as well, unfortunately the mic techniques used at time is suspect. I would just like it if they are only going to use one set of mics, to place them further back to capture everything on the field.