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  1. I agree jkmummer, Whether Cabs win or lose at this point really comes down to the percussion in my opinion. The brass is #1, colorguard is right up there, the visual and effect captions are at the top. If the percussion scores too low that's it. Done Reminds me of the same problems with Crown in 2012 and 2013. It cost them in 2012 and they were gifted a score in 2013. As much as I want Cabs to win I don't want them gifted anything. I wanna see them win it fair and square.
  2. My glasses are many colors. However, I haven't seen all the other corps I am a fan of yet. Doesn't make my opinion of those certain Bucs fans on here any less valid. Maybe they were right afterall. They didn't have a "long" bus ride, they had a longer practice on Sunday, and I can't remember what the other excuses were to losing to someone else in the regular season finally. You know all of those things that didn't matter in the last decade that are now suddenly vitally important and the only reasons why they've lost
  3. They can't open a spread when another corps didn't even compete. That'd be like saying Fusion had beaten the Bucs on all those rehearsal weekends that Bucs didn't compete yet Fusion did.
  4. Or the season is over next weekend when the Cabs get ahead of the Bucs since they're swapping weekends off/on. Your inability for rational thought and common sense is just astounding. I feel sorry for you
  5. Dramatic would be a 5 point bump. This would be in the realm of normal
  6. "DRAMATIC"? Didn't they only go up 2.5 points? Hardly dramatic
  7. No only 3 have a realistic shot at gold. Maybe in fantasy land 6 could. There's no way Fusion will over take Bucs and then Cabs. It's just not going to happen. No one can take away their progress over the years but let's keep it realistic. C2? No. They were 6 or 7 points back. No matter how many Cadets people they force to fill holes can make them overcome the top 3. There just isn't enough time in those 2 weeks. CV? Love them but no that won't happen either.
  8. I know it's not anyone with the corps. I'm sure they know better than to come on here and read the nonsense people prance around as fact
  9. All of these Bucs fans are seriously butt hurt that their team finally lost. You're only really hurting the Bucs image by making excuses. - "Oh it was the long bus rides" which never stopped them from winning before - "They didn't get to practice much on Sunday". All they've done the last month is practice - "Cabs don't move" I'm sure I'm just imagining the sweat and panting members as they trooped the stands because why would they be tired if all the did was stand still. Plus I'm imagining all the drill I watched with choreographed dance moves since Wildwood - "Cabs have an easier visu
  10. Ummm Cabs don't park and play except the one salsa part that I remember. Unless of course they changed their drill since last weekend when I watched the fan network. They always seem to be moving
  11. Yup went back and forth with them in the earlier show threads. Especially after wildwood and the other June shows
  12. Where are all of Fusion's fans going on and on about how Cabs better watch out for them?
  13. I think a 4 point bump is a bit much but I agree Cabs will top Bucs again Cabs: 86.95 Bucs: 85.80 Fusion: 83.00 Hurcs: 78.40 Sky: 74.00 The others I don't really have a guess for