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  1. I was telling myself the same thing. Then I realized, it doesn't seem like the judges mind throwing out big scores for BD on their island though :( Maybe I'm just not regarding the field very well. One can hope :)
  2. Someone kept advertising it in the comments section of the Live Tunnel Cam every night of finals. That's how I found it, and I'm sure many others including "powers that be."
  3. Okay people, here's how I see it. DCI is art! An art form. So first, people are entitled to their own opinions. People didn't like Rite of Spring. People didn't understand Picasso. Plenty of people think Pollack is a hack. Famous art? Oh yeah. Criticized? Definitely. That's the great thing about art. You appeal to different people. It's ok if you don't like every show, and it's ok if you talk to someone that doesn't agree with you. Second, stop caring about the scoring and the placement. The system of judging art is terrible and will always be terrible. Can you imagine having a contest across time and handing out medals to the best symphony composers in a one time performance? Mahler #2, Symphonie Fantastique, Shostakovich 5, New World, and Tchaik 6? Let's see if ranking those brings out the best in us. So BD (Yankees, Lakers, Cowboys, Patriots, Cardinals, etc...) won again. Forget the scores because they shouldn't matter. Enjoy the art. Relish your favorite shows, and put the youtube on repeat. I'm a crown fan all the way, and I'm going to bed very happy!
  4. It's just too bad the it wasn't a crowd favorite/GE powerhouse that Phantom had. Yes, true stat, but feels like apples and oranges.
  5. Great season! Thanks to Academy, Madison, BK, SCV, and Crown for my favorite/most entertaining shows this year!
  6. What was up with the Boston dm raising the old shako? Is it an homage to 75 years?
  7. I was watching multi cam. I didn't see a mic on him tonight.
  8. I' do never been a fan of bd. I usually skip their shows, after seeing the,an few times. I just don't like their usual style, and over the top jazz style flamboyance. This is the first time in 17 years of watching that I can say that I actually like that show.
  9. Can someone explain why there is one brass judge score and 2 percussion judge scores? It seems to me, looking at the recap, that you should make sure your percussion is strong before your brass because you get more points with percussion. At least that's what it looks like. Insight?
  10. You almost had to wonder when you saw their show early in the year. There HAD to be something new. I just thought to myself "really...that ending...from crown?...surely there has to be more." And then there was more.
  11. I love me some Crown, but that's some funny stuff right there.
  12. Not questioning the judges, but more the source of the information. How many great conversations have you had that started "So, I read on Facebook"?
  13. This is confusing. Either, how did you not get a penalty all year long? Or, why would you use something you've never used all year for the last three shows? Or, how are you in an elite class, like BD, and not know that rule? Side note: Anyone found a link where these rules are located? Very curious IF this infraction is true.