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  1. I am participating in this activity right now and I don't like this rule change one bit. So please stop assuming that this is a good change because the "kids" do not want this at all.
  2. pingasjones

    A Cadets rookie trying to march

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is is Silas James and I've been playing tuba for 3 years now. I've always had a passion for music even though I'm not able to pursue it as a career at the time. In 2012, I was fortunate enough to have marched with the Cadets 2 for their inaugural season. I learned valuable life lessons during the 2012 season. Ever since the 2012 season, I've strived to be a part of a World Class DCI corps. Months of preparation has lead up to the first Cadets camp where I'm blessed to have received a spot on the tuba line. I'm not going to write a sob story of how I'm poor or how expensive college and tour fees are. I'm sure we all are or have been living a struggle at some point in our lives. I'm just asking for humble, selfless donations towards my tour fees. I've worked way to hard to let money get in my way of having a valuable life experience. My gofundme page is . If you would like to contact me, my email is Thank you everyone and have blessed day. Silas James
  3. pingasjones

    So - BEST TOP 4 EVER?

    I definitely think so. I was so anxious to hear scores while at DCI East and TOC Allentown because there was no telling who would pass who or come out on top. BD of course knows what they are doing when they are on top, but the Cadets could come from behind and pull a quick one. How cool would it be for SCV to have a killer performance and end up in 2nd place? Probably near impossible but who knows!
  4. pingasjones

    so - are Cadets and SCV REALLY in it?

    I'm a huge BD fan (I'm auditioning there this fall) but we seriously might not know until 2nd place is announced on Saturday night. I really love how this season is turning out because it seems like every corps is pushing all the way until the very end. Who knows, SCV might come from behind and take a medal or Cadets could take Crown and BD! No matter what way it goes, I will be happy with how this season has turned out.
  5. I see people in everyday life dressed even worse and no one cares at all!
  6. I was curious as to how a local business sponsoring you works out in terms of the whole tax deduction thing. Can the business only contribute towards tuition and camp fees for the corps or is there anything more related that they can help with? I'm asking this because I'm not sure if I will be able to pay for plane tickets to audition camps and rehearsal camps so I was wondering if a business could cover that as well or maybe if that doesn't count.
  7. pingasjones

    Allentown 2013

    About when do corps start warming up? I want to catch that BD hornline in the lot.
  8. pingasjones

    Silas James

    Hello DCP community! My name is Silas, and my music experience started when I joined my high school's band in my sophomore year. I didn't really know much about music before then but before I knew it, I was in the basics block and running tons of laps in order to get in shape! After my first year of marching band, I went to MetLife stadium for the Tour of Champions finale in 2011. Words cannot even describe my reaction to the phenomenon known as drum corps when I was introduced to it that day. My two favorite performances of the evening that made me want to pursue drum corps and music even farther was from The Cadets and The Blue Devils. The next summer, my parents helped me march in the inaugural year of the Cadets 2 D&B. The experience was just purely amazing and I learned to appreciate everything that I get in life. After that season I decided to take a year off in order to focus more on high school and other matters but that made me want to march in a DCI corps even more. I just graduated high school and I'm working hard at my job so that I'm able to go to college in the fall. My original plan was to major in music at a 4 year college but money is tight so I'm going for Computer Science at a community college. Music is something that I love so much even if I'm unable to go college for music. So I'm asking for donations or sponsorships of any size to be used directly for plane tickets to California to audition for the Blue Devils. I'm not doing a video audition because I want to get the full experience and meet all the staff and other auditioning people. My page is, this is where you can learn more about me and donate money. I'm confident in my ability to play, march, and be a team player so I think I will do well at auditions. All of my free time has went to practicing on a tiny tuba my high school band director let me use and to marching in a parking lot. All money goes towards paying for plane tickets and tuition fees if I make the cut. If I don't make it, I will keep to my promise and use all of the money to march another drum corps such as the Cadets. Even if you don't donate, please share the link to friends and such. Thank you for your time DCP, I hope that some of you can help me achieve my dream of being on The Line! Sincerely, Silas James
  9. pingasjones


    I don't mean to hijack this thread in anyway but I was just wondering if anyone knew if the BD rehearsal in Allentown for the TOC show is open to the public or not? Thanks, and like most of the answers here I think it is just tastes in design and such. Not only that but it is also people's willingness to understand a show. If they choose not to think and understand a BD show then that is their problem. Same goes for other corps as well.
  10. pingasjones

    What should scores be based on?

    But fans still enjoy all those shows. Without variety in the type of entertainment that is presented, there will be nothing left but obvious moments in shows where people clap. Nobody is being "educated", but rather entertained in different ways. If the audience thinks that the meaning of a show will just be presented to them on a giant bill board, then people need to pay attention more during shows. Just because a corps that someone doesn't like goes on the field doesn't mean that person shouldn't even try to understand the show. If they didn't even give an effort to understand then that is their own down fall and they shouldn't ##### to others about how the show made no sense. That isn't educating, that is simply not turning your brain off during a performance.
  11. pingasjones

    What should scores be based on?

    But how would the judges know how the audience is feeling about a show? Just because they hear golf claps doesn't mean that the audience hates the show. It could mean that they're processing what they just saw on the field. When I saw BD 2012 at MetLife stadium, there wasn't much clapping at all but at the end of the show, many people did clap and cheer. Imo, everyone in the audience acts in some ways the same as the people sitting around them. If Crown just layed into a major chord at fortissimo, everyone is cheering simply because that is what the majority of the people do. You don't ever see Crown lay into a chord and no one cheer, do you? I think it was already stated but different emotions happen from different corps. Your not going to see a crowd that completely cheers loud as hell as BD finishes up there show simply because this is not the emotion that is occurring in the audience's mind..
  12. pingasjones

    Austin, TX

    Definently not a beneficial performance order for BD and Cadets imo. This should give Crown the chance they need to get back on track. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the Cadets took it tonight considering that they should be more comfortable with all the changes they made. Only time will tell.
  13. pingasjones

    How low could Crown go?

    Or maybe because they are strong in percussion, brass, and colorguard consistently. That makes them harder to beat. And we all know that Crown has a percussion problem that is holding them back so there you go.
  14. pingasjones

    San Antonio Showdown

    I agree for the most part but I don't think their tubas would do well in some of the tight forms that BD does with the rest of the brass. Their follow the leader drill and mostly all other drill should incorporate the tubas but not their super close interval drill. Too easy for someone to get knocked in the head with a tuba jazz running to their dot.
  15. pingasjones

    San Antonio Showdown

    Treat the tuba section like a high school sousa section? Cmon thats low, but I do see where your going with this one. It's just how BD does drill and in some ways it is better with all those poles around. By finals those tubas would be dented like crazy if they had that kind of drill.