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  1. It's mountain time, so a late show for most of us in the central and eastern time zones. Should have scores in 15 or 20 minutes.
  2. What I hate about it is that even though I have the subscription and get to watch all the shows....supposedly....I don't, because I can't go watch the replays after the ones I attend live. I'll be in Belton and San Antonio, neither of which I'll get to go back and watch in a day or two afterward. I'll also be in Indy, but I didn't buy the package that included World Championships because I knew that would be a waste.
  3. Troopers will be doing Bristol and Wakefield parades on the 4th, because come on, it's Troopers!!
  4. I didn't see the Indy performance this week, but I was surprised by the Blue Stars score.
  5. Here comes my kid. Hooooooooooo Trooooooooooo!!!!!
  6. The judges here I wouldn't think could hear it. They need to figure this out before Indy.
  7. You can't hear the Colts announcer in the dome at all, at least not where I am.
  8. Haven't seen scores yet, I'm looking.