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  1. I’m going to say BD and SCV will trade golds for the next half decade. So next year is #8 for Santa Clara! *hides in bias*
  2. I doubt SCV will change anything big picture that they haven’t already planned on changing. They typically have a new ending they put out the last third of the season and that typically doesn’t change their placement much. As much as I would like to see them polish this show into something more (visually) than it is now, the show is what it is at this point. They’ve committed to the uniforms, tarps, and design, and they’ll stick with them: trying to amp out execution with what they’ve got.
  3. Scv pulling farther ahead in GE and Guard, lost ground in visual and ended up with the same overall spread as last night, I think
  4. I’m still wondering if this is something financially motivated. Vanguard’s strategic planning statement from January states that over the next few years they are going to try to wean themselves off of Bingo money. I wonder if they’re anticipating some new legal developments with that. Has anyone heard anything about the state and future of BD’s bingo plans?
  5. SCVC went on a little ahead of schedule, so I had to watch from the tunnel. This is the third time I’ve just barely missed them this year.
  6. I really hope. I really respect and fear the Blue team.
  7. I have caved and have bought a (rather decent and expensive) finals ticket. Will be road tripping with my roommate all day Friday and back Sunday to catch the last performance of Babylon.
  8. I heard they were learning the drill for it yesterday. So hopefully it's in tonight, but if not I'd assume it would be in this weekend.
  9. I know of at least a few 2017 SCVC brass members that are in SCV's hornline this year, and would be surprised if it were not more than that. In the future I would be surprised if we didn't see more of a CA (though I know that SCVC has had increased membership out of state) dominance of SCV brass members. There is now so much integration both in faculty and practice between the two corps staff these past couple years. I've heard this year they're doubling down on trying to make SCVC a true feeder corps for SCV, giving members a summer that will prep them well for how SCV does everything.
  10. BD is always so hit and miss for me. This years show has some great moments and then at other times is a head-scratcher. Right off the bat, they actually did a lot of moving all over the field and playing. Later in the show I really liked the attempt at the drum feature alongside the tablas-rhythm-speak voiceover (I can’t rememeber what it’s actually called). The hornline played some of cleanest runs of the night, ... and then at other times had some moments where the balance was weird or there was a slight hiccup side to side, or the tone quality changed (some definite, that was
  11. Just got home, I figured I would take my time with my thoughts on SCV and BD. Disclaimer: Vanguard homer I wasn’t completely into SCVs show right away, but after a minute in, it just kept getting better and better. I wasn’t sure about the cream unis at first but I think they’re growing on me. The hornline really laid it down. Some of the soloist and small ensembles had some of the best, most virtuosic brass playing I’ve seen from a drum corps (the baritones were out of this world). Overall the cleanest hornline of the night. The show’s theme wasn’t all that clear the entire ti
  12. Blue Knights looking and sounding great. There are a lot of really dense chords and harmony they’re going for. I wish I was sitting farther away to get a better read on the louder sections (in the blast zone today). I’m a little unsure of the theme of the show, but their take on “Rite of Spring” is a refreshing take.
  13. Vanguard in cream unis with a black V across the chest
  14. Mandarin’s show has soooo much potential. It was great tonight, very dark, complex, aggressive etc. ”True Colors” ballad had a pre-recorded vocalist (I think). There was a lot of downtime for the horns, but when they came back in, a fantastic moment for sure. Most demand I’ve seen so far tonight.