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  1. Do you have any staff changes you would like to announce?
  2. Oh you are the last person who I'd suspect wants to wish DCI away altogether so I am not saying that at all. Your passion for the activity has been noted and observed many times. If you are suggesting to expand open class/soundsport, then I am in agreement. I thought you were suggesting to move world class into a regional format as well which is what I am against.
  3. Ohio State still sucks. Thank you for your contribution
  4. The caps were unintentional, phones do funny things sometimes. You may be surprised to discover (referring to the part that I bolded) that you do something very similar to others on here, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. Just some food for thought. I personally think you're appealing to emotion here more than practicality. In theory, yes, it would be very virtuous of DCI to bring in more marchers of a lower economic bracket (and as a result also increase diversity since minorities often are in the lower economic bracket for various reasons) through a regional model filled with smaller corps that operate on a lower budget due to less travel. But DCI has to stay afloat in order to continue educating and serving the youth and in my opinion, the regional model would dilute the overall product, lower overall audience interest in the activity, and eventually lead to a decline in the activity as a whole. Obviously, this is just conjecture, but it is based on differences in societal attitudes, trends, and economies between the 70s/80s and now. Just as an example, nowadays, many college students spend their summers doing paid/unpaid internships or work summer jobs. The job environment is fierce and college tuition is expensive. Even if DCI adopted a regional model that lowered time and money committment, I have doubts many would bite on the offer. It is just the reality of today.
  5. I'd rather quality over quantity. I'd rather see 15-20 quality products instead of 30-40 good but not excellent ones. The times are different now than in the 70s and 80s and so are the demographics of those who participate in DCI. I'm not sure a regional model would really succeed because of that. Is there enough interest for it? Do enough people care about marching band to make an extensive regional structure successful? My Opinion is that it will dilute the product and that those calling for it seem to be suffering from a case of nostalgia
  6. Run while you can Jeff, there's no escaping the tag team duo of Continental and Sutasaurus once they get started πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. Ethnic diversity and finances go hand in hand. Sutasaurus is on the money in this regard.
  8. Boston and Cavies. Boston hasn't really had any noteworthy shows this decade apart from Rise and Animal Farm imo. And while I think Cavies have a much nicer resume than Boston this decade, I think Crown and BD are a step above those two corps this decade
  9. I wish I could show this much passion about the dumbest things
  10. Worked is a loose term. The visual programs for those Cavies corps were stunning but the shows musically were a snoozefest and honestly Im not a fan of the arranging style used either: super layered and thin sounding
  11. Can't reward content if there's too much dirt to even get a read on the content
  12. I have many fans on DCP, But I must say Sutasaurus and Continental are my biggest ones πŸ™‚
  13. Hopefully the Cadets don't do anything close to what they have done in the past decade and a half. I'd love to see some elegance to them
  14. He has an intense dislike for drum corps that don't solely recruit locally. I'm assuming he also just generally hates the concept of globalization
  15. I'm not sure about winning by 2 points but I do predict they will win the Ott
  16. The crowd reaction could very well have to do with the design, not necessarily the performance itself. If you asked the members of the Blue Devils to perform Bloo's show, the reaction would likely be the exact same
  17. Judging by the reffing in the NFC Championship, that first statement seems false
  18. The bears suck πŸ€ͺ But as a Redskins fan I have very little reason to talk 😞