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  1. Personally I think what she’s doing right now is perfect. She is taking these shows at face value and giving her reactions and newbie perspective. That’s exactly how newcomers to the activity are going to approach these shows too and I think it’s better that they not feel the need to overanalyze everything. It makes the activity more enjoyable
  2. I’m amazed that in 7 years I’ve only been suspended once Actually, I’m amazed I’ve been using DCP for 7 years. Time flies.
  3. I don’t know why it is either. We can only speculate as to why some people are so insistent on removing the term “uniform” from the modern day outfits of DCI performers.
  4. If you think most 17-21 year old young men are also clamoring to wear traditional "marching band" uniforms, you're most likely wrong about that too. It's important to remember that marching band and drum corps are a niche activity and that there is still a bit of a social stigma (partially thanks to pop culture) with being associated with marching band (ie. it's not cool, nerdy, etc). Again, as someone still relatively close to that age group, I would much rather wear something like what Bluecoats 2017 did than what Bluecoats 2012 or 2014 did.
  5. I agree in the case of the Bluecoats in 2019, the term uniform is a misnomer and costume is more appropriate. I think uniform AND costume are both valid ways to describe the modern day outfits of the performers. What I am denouncing are the posters who subtly or not-so-subtly use "costume" in a derogatory way, suggesting that the modern day outfits are beneath being called "uniforms." They're not fooling anyone.
  6. From the outside looking in, it seems to me that some people's insistence on using the term costume instead of uniform is an attempt to disparage and discredit the merits and aesthetic value of modern day uniforms. Essentially, they don't like it, so it needs to be given a term that they perceive as more degrading.
  7. The only semantics that matter are those of the current marchers. If they consider what they wear to be uniforms, that’s enough for me.
  8. As someone who is only 4-5 years removed from drum corps age, trust me when I say that most marchers do not mind the modern day uniforms. A lot of them even prefer it because of how breathable and comfortable they are.
  9. BD and Cavies are the only top 12 corps who have done a good job of balancing new with old. Everyone else is pretty much unrecognizable.
  10. Cynic in me says someone wanted to see her reaction to the cringefest. She was definitely a little weirded out in the beginning lol
  11. Who in their right minds spends 50 dollars to recommend THIS show?? Maybe they mistyped and meant Cadets 2011? Hell, I’d take 2012
  12. I forgot how amazing this show was musically and also how incredibly dirty it was visually. Probably the dirtiest championship show of the modern era.
  13. 100% agree. For some time people saw Nadolny as a snake and someone trying to bring down DCI. She is quite the opposite, she’s a hero for all the people whose voices have not been heard.
  14. Wasn't there already a death in that show? And the year after? And the year after? Interesting artistic vision lol
  15. It is ridiculous how much is pushed under the rug in drum corps due to the backwards attitudes of the old leadership in the activity. Every year that goes by with new allegations and information, I become more and more turned off by the activity. I read through the Instagram account that has been posting various students’ and staff allegations against Jackson and it is horrifying to read.
  16. 2003 - 2012 Phantom Regiment was full of some otherworldly good performances. It was a really fantastic decade of performances for the corps. I was hoping we’d be getting that back with Shaw back in the picture but COVID had some other plans.