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  1. I see we have an armchair psychologist in the house. Please do tell me more. But no worries, Sutasaurus, I will put in my greatest effort to not harm your sensibilities in the future when I occasionally choose to pop in and provide my "crass" commentary on this forum. I look forward to your future diagnoses, doc. Have a splendid Sunday.
  2. Are you the producer of the video or something? I'm sorry that you don't like my opinion of the video. Do you feel so special that you are entitled to a detailed thesis on as to why I thought the video was silly?
  3. My opinion is my opinion. The video was laughable. Thank you for your input.
  4. Just look at the original video that this thread was made for and you’ll see why. Such a pathetic video
  5. Congrats on finding one corps that matched BD in that 5 year span
  6. What corps did long, building ballads like BD did from 2014-2019? Especially the ballads from 2017-2019?
  7. I forgot just how incredible Natural Woman was. I don't think any corps has been doing ballads better than BD in the past 6 years or so, league of their own in that regard in my opinion. BD 2018 wasn't their most talented corps (tons of intonation and soloist issues all season), and the show had a pretty underwhelming ending, but it's such a cool concept
  8. Are we just stating obvious things now? They haven't won every DCI championship in their existence, so they obviously have been "beaten at their own game." Are you about to tell us that Crown brass is very good at what they do but have been beaten at their own game as well?
  9. You came into a blue devils thread, made an over-generalizing and negative comment about the organization, and expect people to not tell you off? I believe the new generation would call this *snowflake behavior*
  10. Might be a generational thing but I’ve never found BD’s music from the past decade or so to be “sophisticated” their writing continues to be jazz inspired and apart from 2010, 2012, and MAYBE 2013 (I enjoyed those shows too but they were admittedly esoteric and “sophisticated”), they’ve been one of the most melodic and fun to listen to corps
  11. I would be in total agreement on that. GE should be worth a lot less of the pie compared to music and visual.
  12. I think the disconnect is that some people believe that the GE caption should be about how much a show makes an audience stand up on their feet and cheer. And that is clearly not how the sheets are written. I personally don't think audience reaction should be a part of GE. It's already subjective enough as a caption, the likes and dislikes of the judges and fans shouldn't be added to the mix.
  13. I wasn't there in person. However, Cavies and Phantom seemed electric even off of youtube videos I have seen of the finals night performances. Did not get that same feeling from Cadets. Wish I got to see Cadets in person
  14. I'm not a judge, no idea how I'd score the shows, but I do know that Phantom, Cavies, and Blue Knights were my favorites by far
  15. Keep the scores. Let individual corps choose how seriously they want to take them
  16. I unfortunately am stuck living here for another 2 years. I’m counting down the months
  17. Congratulations on discovering the scientific method. May I present you with your middle school diploma?
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