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  1. These are very different times. The financial burden of running a corps is much different, the touring model is much different, and just the overall culture/interest in the activity is much different. I can't really say definitively whether drum corps will survive this, but I hope it does.
  2. What do you know, two of the most financially sound and successful corps have common sense.
  3. We could probably end this entire thread and future subsequent threads with this. This is all that needs to be said. Check your priorities.
  4. Here is a dictionary definition of Racism: "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized." I bolded a part for emphasis. The definition implies that in order for an action to be considered racist, the action (in this case, it would be choosing to go virtual) has to be targeting a specific group. Are you suggesting that this is what the school districts are doing? Are the shutdowns only being directed at minorities? Are minorities th
  5. You hinted at it by calling the school district racist for supporting virtual learning. I support virtual learning. You can do the transitive math, yes? I do think it's interesting you ignored the rest of my points I made about what could happen if we go back to in-person learning. No rebuttal? Fauci is one person. He is not the end all, be all, nor is he a policy maker. Scientists disagree with each other on subjects all the time, this situation is no different. Science would like to be black and white, but it's unfortunately not like that. If it was, we wouldn't continue to do res
  6. Small world, I went to school in fairfax county. My permanent residence is still there. The increase in failures is more of a failure of the kids and parents than the teachers. What happened to personal responsibility? Not sure why kids have to be coddled in order to not fail their classes. I was never one of those types who could pay attention in class. Pretty much depended on textbooks and powerpoints to teach me everything. But I digress. I will personally admit that virtual learning disproportionately hurts lower income families more than anyone else. There is absolutely
  7. Counterpoint: schools should continue to be virtual as the situation starts to get worse. jaw dropping analysis, I know.
  8. I usually see eye to eye with you on most stuff but I simply don't agree that people should be granted extra eligibility. Like someone else said, it basically opens up Pandora's box and will result in other younger people being at a disadvantage for joining a corps. Yes, it's a crappy circumstance, but it is what it is. There's things much bigger than drum corps.
  9. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. College basketball teams travel around the country too.
  10. I used to moderate a forum like this before. Although VPNs can prevent hide a person’s identity, do forum admins not have access to the IP Addresses of posters in order to check if previously banned posters are simply using a different account?
  11. Not completely true, graduate students play in college basketball all the time. Grad transfers are very common. and often at schools like BYU and University of Utah, students take a hiatus and go on mission trips and then return and are playing college basketball or football at the age of 26. I do agree with your overall point though.
  12. Do you understand what a discussion is? Do you understand that not everyone is going to share your opinion? Do you realize that if you present misinformation, people will be inclined to correct you? Can you handle that? Drum Corps IS an elite activity. The costs of the summer tour make it so that mostly only kids coming from well-off families can afford to tour for an entire summer instead of working a job. In a discussion, if you present an argument and someone disagrees, they will refute it and explain why. If you feel like someone presenting the facts to you is considere
  13. Wow. This is truly really sad news, he was drum corps through and through. He will be missed, RIP.
  14. You should copy and paste this in the other thread
  15. Good news for our planet in 2021? Most definitely Good news for DCI in 2021? No Food news for DCI in 2022? Most definitely.