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  1. ####, I never heard the early season of the Mello sustain, I thought it was gonna be overhyped. But no. no. It wasn't overhyped at all.
  2. I had never heard that little over the rainbow quote before. Really subtle, great little detail
  3. Just set up the stream on my Apple TV. Got myself parked on the couch, running the audio through stereo home pods , with water, beer, and taquitos all within arms reach. Ready for this last block!
  4. I know you aren't a fan, but there are SO MANY tiny little Michael Gaines gems in there. No big grandiose moves, but when watching smaller pods the drill is actually brilliant
  5. Hmm. First read: it felt like they were trying to approach a concept similar to how cavies 2006 approached Machine. Everyone is a beast, its all very primal, like a beast, they do beastly things. But it just never clicked for me in GE. Musically great, drill is fine, but GE just never got me. The seesaw thing was cool though. No clue why its there, but very cool.
  6. I'll make sure my eyes never leave them /s I like how I haven't seen the show really and yet I already know they are never used
  7. This will be my first real read of Crown this year. Anything I should be looking out for?
  8. I love those running notes repeated notes in the ballad. They sound so good with the chord changes beneath.
  9. ####, I love that closer musically and the visual of bringing those two guard members back together is just amazing. SCV, take that title. posted from the DrumScorps app
  10. Academy up next! posted from the DrumScorps app
  11. Mandarins were fantastic live. Brass was phenomenal posted from the DrumScorps app
  12. One of the best things about being a diehard vanguard fan is that I can disappear for 4 months and still catch up on the SCV thread in under 30 minutes. I'm really excited to see what they bring this year! My tickets for DCI west have been purchased!