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  1. I haven't watched as closely as you have, no doubt, from what little I have seen they're both beastly this year and that has me very excited! I did make a prediction that BD may very well pass them in overall score tonight. Regardless, I'm really looking forward to the results from this show, great lineup and good to have BK lined up with the larger group of West Coast competition finally!
  2. Got to see ensemble and run through tonight. Wow.....this show is COOKING! Lots of potential and opportunity for adjusting but as far as early season goes, I can't remember being this excited for a Crown show in several years. Jeff's drill writing is outstanding and it feels almost like quintessential Sacktig at first viewing. Can't wait to see what everyone else brings to the field this year, but I feel like this show will end up getting massive standing Os. That closer just oozes energy and swagger. Love it!
  3. I'm curious about this as well. I'll be on the way back to the area from Flint around 5:30, hoping to catch ensemble this evening. Edit: Their schedule posted on FB says Warmup at 7 with Ensemble scheduled to start at 7:30!
  4. Thank you! That's the same spot as last year, yeah?
  5. Does anyone know where the corps housing site will be while in Detroit? This show coincides with a board meeting for me every year so I will be in the area. Stopped by for a run through last year on the Wednesday night before the premier show, would love to do so again!
  6. Go solo for sure, unless you have a friend that might enjoy it as much as you! Though it is nice having an extra set of hands for all the merch you wanna buy. :)
  7. You absolutely need to make it! For all the bashing people do of DCI hosting finals there (quite a bit of which is earned) it's still an absolute blast to experience. I too went through a drought of attending finals (about 10 years, also known as first marriage) and ever since I've been going back starting in 2013 I haven't once been disappointed. Hope to see you there next year!
  8. Hi are these tickets sold yet? I'd be interested in buying all four of them.
  9. If you haven't sold these I'd be interested in all four. Looks like a few have already expressed interest but let me know please!
  10. We're on page 459. Preview show is tonight. Think it'll hit 500 first??? I'm super excited, tonight will be so awesome I might have to just go back to sleep so I can wake up and just head to the theater. Lmao.